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                                     Nintendo's GameCube 

  Nintendo's GameCube Released in 2001/2002 ,was a compact little machine that was  host to quite a few classics.



This was the standard color available when released along with Black and in Japan spice orange.

             Later on other colors appeared like this one below

This was the GC Gundam console


                                               The Games

So fighting games on the Gamecube are a funny bunch ,i have had to put in a couple of adventure based fighters as well to fill the criteria.I know there's more then ten one on one fighters out there ,but quality wise some are pretty dire .

But then there's the added bonus of these games .What is that i hear you ask ! 

Well if you own a Nintendo Wii then all of these games will work on that as well ,as the Wii is Just a Gamecube with motion control as wii all know.

                        Soul Calibur II


Copyright © namco 2003

 Namco's Soul Calibur was one of the most mind blowing fighters out there ,how could they make it better ?.Well they did and they also did a clever bit of marketing on this one as unlike the first Soul Calibur which appeared on Dreamcast as a exclusive ,Soul Calibur 2 was a cross format game appearing on Playstation 2/XBOX and Nintendo Gamecube.

With improved graphics and the inclusion of exclusive characters for each version .And for the Gamecube version Namco got permission from Nintendo to have ZELDA as a fighter in the game .This instantly made it a must have ,not just to fight fans but to Nintendo fans in general ,especially those that had every Zelda game.

On top of that the home versions also had another exclusive character created by Spawn creator Tod McFarlane.The character 'Necrid ' appears in all versions of the game.

The game also mixes up the game play ,using elements from Soul Calibur's Mission Mode and the Earlier Soul Edge (known as Soul Blade in the UK ) Edge master mode.

So if you own a Gamecube and like your fighting games then Soul Calibur 2 should be at the top of your list.And if you have a Nintendo Wii then this is still the best fight game you can have for that system too.

Original Flier for Game 

Copyright © namco 2002

     Super  Smash Brothers Melee

Copyright © 2001 Hal Labortory /Nintendo

Smash Brothers is Nintendo's crazy beat'em up that features a host of Nintendo characters.The game also boasted 4 player battles which added that complete family game play element to it.As with all battle games the characters had energy bars and featured levels based on various Nintendo games.

With power ups and some very good scaling as the screen zomms in and out of the action depending how close the characters are to each other the game received good reviews and coverage.

During the battles power ups and prizes fall from the sky for players to pick up ,all of these power ups are Nintendo game based elements.

 From a players point of view the multi player battles are fun and a good laugh ,i don't think as a game for someone playing alone that it has as much staying power as the more traditional fighters like Soul Calibur .

 But then 7 Million Gamecube owners can not be wrong ,because that's how many copies of the game were sold on the system,making it the Biggest selling Gamecube game .


copyright © PolygonMagic / Sega 2005

 Bleach is a 2d fighting game in the Power-stone mold,featuring a array of characters that each have their own stories ,you battle in a 2d plain using 3d models.

The game is more like a traditional fighter with characters able to perform power up moves of total devastation.

I must admit the action can sometimes get very hectic on screen ,but providing you take a step back and try and concentrate on your character without getting sidelined by all whats going on onscreen then your have a good time.

This was the first game in the series on Gamecube and one that only got a Japanese release .

So if your in the UK,Europe or the States then your either need a freeloader to play the game or your have to get a Wii and Buy it's sequel 'Bleach Shattered Blade'' which was a worldwide release.



      Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance

copyright © 2002 /2003 Midway

Every one knows Mortal Kombat ,the game was one of the pioneering fighters in the 2D genre,appearing on systems like the Megadrive,Snes,Saturn and Playstation.

But with the new generation of consoles appearing around the mid to late 90's the series started lacking and gamers wanted more 3D fighters as the 3D age took over.

Deadly Alliance or Mortal Kombat 5 if you wish is the game that reinvented the franchise ,bringing it in to the 3D world and making it more of a traditional fighter then it was before .

Yes the crazy fireballs,acid breaths,fatalities are still here but there's a the angle that each of the fighters have various fighting styles to utilize such as Taekwondo,Kung Fu,weapons based modes and more .

iI for one thought it had come of age and thought Midway had done a sterling job bringing Mortal Kombat back to the masses.

To think a new generation of gamers could experience the Fatalities and and crazy moves performed by a large range of Blood thirsty characters .

With the characters being spilt in to the good and the evil as always the game was the first in the new series to please a new audience.

All i have  left to say is ''Your Soul is Mine'' Haha .


              Capcom vs SNK 2 EO

copyright ©  CAPCOM 2001 /2002

Capcom vs SNK 2 EO is a revamp of the same game that appeared on the DREAMCAST (Japan only) and Playstation 2 .

I have already covered this game on the Dreamcast ,but as this is still one of the best fighters on Gamecube even though this version introduces a mode that makes in my opinion proper gameplay impossible when playing with friends unless you both agree on a mode ,and you never do.As we all like a easy way out.

The game it self takes characters from the CAPCOM and SNK liberies and pits them against each other.

Featuring elements from both the Streetfighter and King of Fighters series the game also borrows from Samurai Showdown and Fatal Fury.The original game used the SNK 4 button system for it's fighting method,with the sequel the game favors the six button street fighter style.

EO it's problems

 With the Gamecube and XBOX versions ,of which both consoles got this version.The problem lays with the mode EO which lets a player use the right thumb-stick to perform special moves and such like with just a touch of the button.Great if your a five year old .

Now i am not saying that 5 year olds shouldn't play this ,but when two players can battle and choose which system they use you know one person is gonna use the easy way out .

So your sitting doing button configurations like mad while your opponent is just pulling of special moves like there easy ,well they are if you have chosen EO mode for your fighter .

So the next bout comes and you both end up in EO MODE .

Great now i am forced to play like a five year old because my friend likes the easy way out ,cheating Bastard.

So a game that utilizes one of the most complex fighting systems ,that rewards experience is completely turned in to a shambolic mess because of this mode .

I hate it ,most players hate it .That is except the casual gamer and odd 5 year old .

In one player mode it's fine you choose your character and go for it.

But unless your real life opponent plays by the rules of combat the chances are ,your gonna get beaten by a adult playing like a 5 year old.

Such a shame.But then it's still better then a lot of Gamecube fighters so is a must have on the system.

            ' Bloody Roar ' Primal Fury'

copyright © 2002 Eighting / Activision

Bloody Roar ' Primal Fury' is another cross format game ,but abielt in various guises.This rendition on the Cube released in 2002 was a rehash of Bloody Roar 3 on PS2.

The game follows more of a Dead or Alive /Virtua Fighter sort of gameplay in that the characters are in a 3d arena and the way the character models are constructed are similar.The main difference is of course after a series of good hits you get energy that you can use to transform in to your inner Beast .

Each of the characters have there own Beast to unleash from the Tiger to the Bunny Rabbit or Mole .When in Beast mode the impact of hits on your opponents increases giving you the advantage to end the bout swiftly.

Now i have played this prior to this version ,and not much has changed since the first Bloody Roar on the Playstation.But that's no bad thing ,sure it has not had the updates that say other fighters have had over the years ,like getting loads of new characters ,game-play modes and new style area's .

It is still pretty much much the same game that came out in the begining with just slight cosmetic changes and the odd new feature and new character along the way.

But even with that i still enjoy the game and as a casual game t play now and again it's worth a shot providing you don't pay an arm and a leg for it.




Yugo the Wolf
Alice the Rabbit
Gado the Lion
Long the Tiger
Shina the Leopard
Jenny the Bat
Busuzima the Chameleon
Stun the Insect
Bakuryu the Mole
Shenlong the Tiger
Uriko the Half Beast
Xion the Unborn
Cronos the Penguin/Phoenix *Unlockable
Ganesha the Elephant *Unlockable
Kohryu the Iron Mole *Unlockable
Uranus the Chimera *Unlockable



   Prince of Persia 'The Sands of Time'


copyright© Ubisoft Montreal 2003

This is our first of our adventure games on the system,Prince of Persia is a 3D platform and acrobatic fighting game in which you take the role of King Shahraman's son ,the Prince.

The two are tricked when traveling through India they Conquer the land of a rival Maharaja with the aid of his Vizier .Through this they acquire the artifacts the Sands of Time (which is encased in a capsule ) and the Dagger of time which the prince holds .

The evil Vizier tricks the Prince in to using the Dagger to release the Sands of time which unleashes a sandstorm and sends the land in to disarray and it's inhabitants in to monsters.Apart from the evil Vizier and the Maharaja who with there wealth are safe.

It's now up to the Prince to turn back the clock and return the Sands to whence they came.

So there you have it ,happens everyday.

The game takes place in the Palace which the Prince must traverse using his abilities ,across platforms ,falling debris and facing the evil monsters who where once the locals.With his sword and the Dagger of time which could slow time down to a crawl he must battle to return the Sands of time.

Thsi was a long overdue remake of a classic game ,Ubisoft done a sterling job of creating a mystic world that captures the spirit of the original game that appeared on the 8 bit platforms so many years ago.

It is one of the more enjoyable adventure games out there ,and one that rewards with stunning visuals and game-play.And one al  Cube owners should have.


copyright © 2003 Capcom Production Studios 4

Now your thinking !this is not a fighting game ,well No it;s not ,it's a 3rd person shooter,but one that shows a style that's so unique that the character could be a martial arts expert in the way that she flips and spins through the levels  with her guns taking out targets and robots .

The game is one of a easy learning curve but once you get in to it it becomes quite a challenge as you control our heroine Vanessa  Z Schneider' a cybernetically enhanced woman.

To achieve her goals she wears a suit called the AEGIS suits ,as she progresses through hte levels more alternative suits become available.

The game is a combination of gun-action with acrobatic evasion and it's this that makes P.N.03 such fun to play as you progress through the well laid out levels ,what makes it also stand out is the limited use of colour through out the game giving it a look more akin to a retro game of old .But then Capcom have always managed to surprise somehow.



                    Viewtiful Joe

copyright© 2003 Capcom production Studios 4

Another so called exclusive for the Gamecube from Capcom that ended up on the Playstation 2.

Viewtiful Joe is a 2D side scrolling beat'em up which features 3D cell shaded Graphics.Traditional on the surface the game boasts some qiute fresh ideas.

The story goes like this,Joe who is a avid film fan,whilst in the cinema watching a film with his favorite hero ''Captain Blue'' Joe's  girlfriend Silvia gets kidnapped.

At that moment Joe is thrust in to the world of the movie where Captain Blue appears and gives Joe a special watch which transforms him into Viewtiful Joe.Now with his new superpowers Joe must try and rescue his girlfriend who now also in the movie and taken by the Jadan.

From the beginning the game plays like any old school side ways scroller.But it's once you get in to the story that the game opens up.Joe gets the abilities of the VFX powers.

The powers come in three stages and are shown in bars at the top of the screen.

Witht the use of these powers Joe can speed up and slow time and solve puzzles,to replenish the powers Joe can pick up packs of VFX juice or they get replenished as Joe progresses through the stages of the game .

Consisting of 7 Levels /stages the game offers a good helping of sideways scrolling action ,but not overlong enough to have you unable to complete .Hey they wanted you to buy the sequel ,which many did.

Overall Viewtiful Joe is a class game with some original ideas in a tried and tested formula and one that all Gamecube owners
and Wii owners should play and own.

          Naruto Clash of Ninja

copyright © 2003 Eighting/ Tomy

 Naruto Clash of Ninja is a 3D cell shaded  fighting game based on  the popular manga and anime series Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto.

Various installments of the series have appeared on both Nintendo's GameCube and Wii. The game plays like most other fighters with you choosing from a roster of Characters from the Manga /Anime and pitting yourself against another.

In story mode the game takes you through episodes of the manga in which you must compete against foes as you come across them ,there are shops to buy power ups and health along the way which you pay for in credits you have earned.

I must admit i am not so ofay with Naruto but from what i have played it seems like a solid game and a must have if your a fan of the Manga or Anime.



The conclusion

No there's no conclusion as to what's the better game here as all are unique in their own way .Of course there are games a i have not mentioned that you may think i should have ,like the many wrestling games that come out on the consoles so often ,or some other low key release that may have that something special.

But then in the end this is just to give you an idea of whats out there.And Don't forget if you have a Wii then these will work too.


                              Our Resident Games Expert

This article was compiled by our Resident Games Expert ,Bruno Bagdzius.

Bruno has been a avid games-player since the early 80's and has experience with many format's and Genre's. Though here we concentrate on the Beat'em up Genre .He has a diverse passion for all games and writes  articles for our sister site Cosplay Heroes.




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