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                         Americana Review
        RING OF FIRE

Starring: Don''The Dragon''Wilson

Directed By: Richard W.Munchkin



copyright ©1991 PM Entertainment

Ring of Fire is probably one of my Favorite Don''The Dragon''Wilson films ,it's a film that deals with racism in quite a ruthless way.When rival gangs clash during illegal underground fighting ,the problems spill out on to the streets .

The story evolves around two factions or groups of fighters ,the Americans and the Chinese community .Don Wilson plays one Johnny Woo a Doctor who happens to be Chinese.His Cousin Terry played by  Steven Vincent Leigh is part of a group of fighters who battle underground in fights of brutallity.But when things get dirty in the ring the fights break out on to the streets with rival factions beating up each others fighters and putting them in hospital.

Brad and Chuck are two American fighters who take part in the fights and Chuck is quite ruthless and many will recognize him from''No RETREAT No SURRENDER'' .Here he is the all American fighter who hates all things Asian as his pa was killed in Vietnam.He repeatadly shuns his Asian opponents calling them Gooks and what like .Even though there Chinese.

On the other hand Terry Woo is just as bad towards the American whites as he's fed up being blamed for Vietnam,The Korean war and Hiroshima Even though  he's Chinese.

But when one of the Chinese Fighters is hospitalized by a group of white fighters led by a fighter named BUD (Gary Daniels) Terry takes matters in to his own hands and attacks Bud. Thsi makes Chuck mad and challenges begin.

What makes matters worse is Johnny Woo who upon finishing work goes to his Aunts Restaurant only to be mistaken for a waiter by a beautiful young girl called Julie ,between them they exchange looks and feel a mutual  feeling for one another.

JOHNNY decides he's in love with this girl and goes to a fancy dress ball she's attending ,problem is Julie is Chucks Sister and Brads Girlfriend .

Turning up at the ball where Chuck,Brad,and many other fighters are and all white American ,he is saved only by the skin of his teeth by his cousin Terry who arrives in force after realizing where he's gone.

Thing is by now Johnny and Julie have struck up a friendship which will escalate in to a affair behind Brads back.Terry  has had further run in's with the Chuck and his mates.

But when the two decide to fight to settle their differences Johnny is none to pleased .A local detective is hounding Johnny about his cousin and Johnny asks Terry to stop the fight ,but Terry won't pull out.Johnny tells him to tell Chuck to fight Thai style with hands wrapped in Hemp and dipped in Resin and Broken Glass (kickboxer anyone) Johnny says he's bound to refuse he's not crazy.Well so happens he is crazy and when the two meet Chuck agrees to the challenge .

While this is going on Johnny is dating Julie ,he's says it's OK they won't fight ,but when she hears the reason why ,she tells Johnny that Chuck is mad ,he will do it.Rushing to the scene of the fight to stop someone getting hurt they race through the streets at speed.

Of course the fight is under way ,Chuck has agreed and Terry is not gonna back down.Once the Fight starts it's clear that Terry is unsure about the proceedings he himself has instigated.While Chuck is all gung ho and this proves lethal for Terry as Chuck lands blow after blow slicing through the skin of Terry.Even though Chuck is also injured his anger and rage take over and the result is Fatel for poor old Terry.

Arriving after the event Johnny and Julie are devastated at the result.With cops on the way everyone breaks loose .

But even in death poor old Terry can not rest when Julie attends the funeral (dressed in Black''a NO NO at a Chinese Funeral) and things get worse when Chuck and Brad turn up to take Julie back causing a upset at the funeral which results in Johnny having to take matters in to his own hands .

 The final battle will be fought in the Ring.Johnny and Chuck will battle for honor and in the end the rightous will prevail.

So 1991 it was a time when many films of this type where being turned out and Don ''The Dragon''Wilson was Now Hot property after the BloodFist film.Now i must admit you don't see much from Don in the fight stakes till the end of the film ,he plays the quiet Doctor who though a martial artist trains for the art not for the fight.

So all the fights you see prior to Don  donning his gloves are fought by Steven Vincent Leigh ,Gary Daniles ,Vince Murdoco and the brilliant Eric Lee.

I thourghly enjoyed Ring of Fire the story is fast and to the point with many top fights and when Don does enter the ring he does not let us down with his own brand of action.

Score out of Ten = 8

Review Date : 22-12-10

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                                         Cast and Credits

Don 'The Dragon' Wilson ... Johnny Woo

Maria Ford ... Julie

Vince Murdocco ... Chuck

Dale Jacoby ... Brad

Steven Vincent Leigh ... Terry Woo

Michael Delano ... Lopez

Eric Lee ... Kwong

Jane Chung ... Aunt Mei

Shirley Spiegler Jacobs ... Grandmother

Marta Merrifield ... Wendy

Gary Daniels ... Bud

Michael Jai White

Shaun Shimoda ... Cho

Ron Yuan ... Li

Lisa Saxton ... Linda

Diana Phipps ... Nurse








Directed by
Richard W. Munchkin  
Rick Jacobson  
Writing credits
Jake Jacobs  written by
Richard W. Munchkin  written by
Steve Tymon  writer



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