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Sammo Hung Kam-Bo  Official Banner Star 

Kick'em in the Ghoulies Banner Star for July 2010

        Born 7th January 1952  - present  

                Hong Kong actor, martial artist, producer and director

 When your dealing with a icon of action cinema who has starred in over 75 films and been involved in over 250 films where do you start ?.

From the beginning I suppose!

Every one in the world now knows the name Sammo ,as soon as you here it you Know  people are talking about one of the most prolific martial art stars / Directors of our time.

Often referred to as 'The Portly Kicker'' one thing for sure his size does not stop  him being one of the most agile and competent martial artists on the planet , but i'm sure he wouldn't hurt you .

Born Hung Kam Po in Hong Kong, both of his parents worked as wardrobe artists in the local film industry and guardianship was thrust upon his grandparents.

Hung's ancestral hometown is Ningbo, Zhejiang Province.

His grandmother was archetypal martial-arts actress Chin Tsi-ang and his grandfather was film director Hung Chung-Ho. And it was his grandparents that enrolled Sammo in to Master Yuen Jim Yu Peking opera school after hearing about it from friends.

So from the age of nine sammo was enrolled for a period of seven years to study martial arts,acrobats,acting,singing and more.

It was here he met his life long brothers Jackie Chan /Yuen Biao / Yuen Wa and  Corey Yuen Kwei.

We all have heard of the grueling time the students at the school had with 18 hour training sessions , beatings and scraping to eat and clothing themselves.

At the age of 14 Sammo was selected by a teacher to do stunts for the Hong Kong film industry , it was this that sparked his interest with film and camera's .

The reason Sammo is so Heavy (being polite ,don't want Sammo coming round and beating me ) is that he got injured while at the school and could not train , his parents and grandparents brought him sweets and food to eat , he eventually put on weight and whilst there never lost it .

Sammo begun working in film from the early sixties and had starred in 30 wuxia films by 1974.But it was from 1970 when he started to work for Raymond Chow that Sammo would shine . He did the choreography for Golden Harvest 'Angry River' in 1970 and then 'A Touch of Zen '' for King Hu in 1971 and ''the Fate of Lee Khan'' in 1973.

Also around this time Sammo went to Korea to study Hapkido from a master there .

Remember he starred in two films with Angela Mao about Hapkido ,the first 'Lady Whirlwind' and the second 'Hapkido'. Also in 1973 he got to star in Enter the Dragon with Bruce Lee , who he fought in the opening scene .

With the death of Lee in 1973 ,the gap left in the Hong Kong Cinema industry was huge and even though many imitators rose from behind the curtain , it was Sammo that would send Hong Kong Cinema in a new direction along with his brothers Jackie Chan and Yuen Biao and other new wave directors  like Yuen Woo Ping and John Woo.

He made the first Kung Fu comedy ''The Iron Fisted Monk'' in 1977. And was the main man behind getting ''The Game of Death ''(Bruce Lee's last film ) edited and together , filming new fight scenes and action directing ready for the cinema , at the request of Raymond Chow.

Game of Death was released in 1978. He then directed his second feature 'Enter the Fat Dragon in 1979 in which he plays a man that idolizes Bruce Lee, and does a fantastic impersonation of the Little Dragon. He used this in two further films , the brilliant Shanghai Express where he faces of against Cynthia Rothrock , and again in the comedy Skinny Tiger Fatty Dragon who he starred with Karl Maka.

Sammo also made two films based on Wing Chun , The second film  starred his buddy and rival from the The Spring and  Autumn Drama school ( a rival Peking opera school in Hong Kong) the great late Lam Ching-Ying.

Warriors Two and Prodigal Son  are classic Old School flicks that show Wing Chun in a intricate manner. With Warriors Two Sammo starred alongside super Kicker Casonova Wong , who took on the role of a student in Wing Chun. 

Then came Prodigal Son with whom he starred with Lam Ching-Ying. The two played Wing Chun masters battling each other over who should teach a young student (Yuen Biao). The film was such a hit that it shot Yuen Biao to fame overnight along with Lam Ching-Ying who had been seen in the background of many films , but this was set to change due to Sammo.

Of note Lam Ching-Ying was close to Bruce Lee as well and was involved in all his films either as a character , assistant action director as well as being Bruce lee's personal assistant.


The 80's Beckon , A Golden Age Begins


The 80's were a time in Hong Kong cinema that fuelled excitement and action with death defying stunts , and Sammo Hung's films would be at the forefront of the action. It was a time of action and comedy .

The creation of Kung Fu comedy had led on to the action films of the 80's being somewhat light heart  to. Sammo had a winner on his hands with the Lucky Star series of which the first three films had his two Peking Opera Brothers ( Jackie and Yuen Biao) play co-starring roles.

Starting of with Winners and Sinners in 1983 , the film was a hit and the sequel 'My Lucky Stars ' secured the box office  for the three big hitters in Hong Kong Cinema. The third film 'Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars' introduced a very young looking Andy Lau in to the game to. 

Sammo had starred and directed all of these films . A fourth film with a new band of Lucky stars ( Lucky Stars Go Places 1986) this time with Sammo in a co starring role had Andy Lau as the main fighter here ,though Sammo did get the end fight . 

Also in 1983 Sammo starred along side Jackie and Yuen Biao in Project A , which started their span of hit action cinema starring the three of them . Even though Jackie is credited as director , it's well known that Sammo lent a hand in this department to as the film had a deadline to meet so while Jackie was of shooting one scene , Sammo would be doing another (providing they both weren't in the  same scene that is).

The three went on to make some of the biggest hits in the 80's with Sammo directing Jackie and Yuen in 'Wheels on Meals' and Dragons Forever.

On top of this Sammo would create a whole new genre ''The Jiang Shi movie'  Basically a Chinese version of a Vampire that hops . 

 The start of this was 1980's Encounters of the Spooky Kind and the Dead and Deadly. The films would comprise Chinese folk lore and Kung fu with Taoist priests that would be at hand to vanquish these evil hoppers.

It led the way for the Mr,Vampire series which in turn would make his friend Lam Ching -Ying a star overnight.

Also in 1980 Sammo set up his own production company after Raymond Chow pulled one of his films after two weeks because of poor box office. He set up BoHo films which in turn gave him greater control over his films.

It as under this guise that Sammo would make some of his most prolific work like the brilliant Shanghai Express aka Millionaires Express ,Eastern Condors both of which he starred in alongside a plethora of film icons including Yuen Biao, Yuen Woo Ping, Corey Yuen Kwei, Cynthia Rothrock and more . 

He would also make classic films like Yuen Biao's Above the Law in which co starred Cynthia Rothrock  and Yuen Biao's brilliant On the Run in 1988.


Now another company Sammo would set up in 1983 was D&B Films with Dickson Poon and John Shum. 

Now D&B were releasing some of the most hard core fighting films in Hong Kong between 1984 til there demise in 1992.

To think that with out this collaboration you may never have seen the likes of Police Assassins aka Yes Madam which made stars out of Michele Yeoh and Cynthia Rothrock . Plus led to sequels with Donnie Yen and Cynthia Khan.

D&B also produce films like the Tiger Cage series and Black Cat which was a take on Luc Besson's 'Nikita'.

In 1989 Sammo set up a other production company which would produce 5 films all starring himself.  Under the Bojon label he would make one of his all time classics 'Pedicab Driver' and one film that would sum up the 80's changing times 'Pantyhose Hero'


The 90's and a Time for Change

Still making films under the Bojon Label Sammo would make and star in Encounters of the Spooky kind 2, Slickers vs Killers , Pantyhose Hero and Don't Give a Damn in 1995.

But it was in 1991 that Sammo parted company with Golden Harvest after 21 years with the company.

Over the next few years Sammo would star and produce quite a few films but none of them would have the great spark that the 80's gave him , with the demise of D&B in 1992 a void was left for hard core action . Hong Kong action was becoming more mainstream now as people across the world started to look at these Asian made films.

So even though he dd action direct the likes of Ashes of Time and , Blade of Fury and Thunderbolt with Jackie Chan it was not till really in 1997 that Sammo would team up again with Jackie and direct him in 'Mr,Nice Guy ' Which was one of Jackie's more Western flavoured pictures and was a hit , plus the fact that the one man that can direct Jackie better then Jackie is Sammo Hung. 

After this he action directed the 6th in the series of Once upon a time in China, which saw the return of Jet Li in the role after he had left the series after making part 3.

He also action directed a couple of Jean Claude Van Damme films to in 97-98.


Hollywood Comes Knocking

But it was in 1998 that Sammo would become a household name in every country , when he would star in a CBS TV series devised by Carlton Cuse . Sammo would play a Chinese cop arriving in the States to track down a colleague.

The series was written with Sammo in mind and he retained his name within the series . It was like you were seeing Sammo as Sammo for real . 

It would convey all his feelings and on life and the arts.Some of the episodes were directed by Stanley Tong of Rumble in the Bronx fame.

The series ran from 1998 to 2000 and consisted of two series and 44 episodes .

The first series starred Louis Mandylor , Tammy Lauren and Tom Wright along with Kelly Hu who featured in both series. 

For the second series the stars were replaced by Gretchen Egolf in Tom Wrights part and Arsenio Hall who appeared for some of the first series would end up being Sammo's new partner ( In a bid to cash in on the Rush Hour Bandwagon which was released at the same time) It worked because i would watch Arsenio any day over Chris Tucker and I bet Jackie would agree with that.

Regrettably the two series had little in common with story lines from the first not being concluded properly and I do remember a spate of Episodes with Tim Curry as some arch villain , which to be honest I was not to keen on .

There were some cross over stories though and Sammo Law starred in a couple of Walker Texas Ranger with Chuck Norris .

A third series was offered to Sammo but Sammo said he would only do it if he had a say on the scripts as he himself did not like the second season as much.

Unfortunately CBS would not be as compromising as at the time it was one of the most expensive shows they had produced.

Shame really as with some work around they could have had long running series.

The show garnered a cult following and for years after the a couple re-runs it vanished. Unlike a lot of shows that came out on VHS or DVD as box sets , Martial Law missed that opportunity , but after fans crying out for it in 2016 a DVD Box set with all 44 episodes is available.


The 21st Century The First Decade

Since then Sammo  has been in demand ,he has either starred in or action directed or directed many films. He starred alongside JACKIE again in a brief role in Around the World in eighty Days action directed Jackie in the Medallion , a film penned by Bey Logan.

Action directed Stephen Chows Kung Fu hustle but was uncredited as he left the production before it was finished and Yuen Woo Ping finished of.

Add to that great films like Shao Pao Long and Fatal Move in 2005 and 2007 and it looks like there' no stopping him. 

Then with Ip Man he action directed Donnie Yen in one of his best films .Then starred in Kung Fu chefs with Vanness Wu,which i liked no matter what any body says ,i know it was more cooking then fighting ,but it was fun. Ip Man 2 , gave Sammo a Co-starring role as well as being the fight director.

Shorlty after this he starred in Ip man The Legend is Born where he plays the teacher of Ip Man , Chan Wah Shun.

Then you have not to forget Sammo has made some TV movies in China called the Dragon Laws series,which were filmed in 2003,and starred in Chinese TV series Wing Chun (2006) and Shaolin Temple ( 2008)


Taking Care of Sammo 

Sammo has been married twice and has three sons and a daughter all from his first marriage .

His first wife Jo was his child hood sweet heart from Martial arts training school and they were divorced in 1994.

He then married model and actress Joyce Mina Godenzi in 1995.

She had also starred in Sammo's films like Eastern Condors and had a short career in film with films like She Shoots Straight and License to Steal with Yuen Biao.

In August 2009 while filming Ip Man 2  Sammo fell ill and was taken to Hospital , after heart surgery he was released and resumed filming a short time after. The problem lay at Sammo's bad eating habits and love of Cigars. It looks like he will have to look after himself a bit better now as where would we be with out Sammo to watch over us.

Of course over the years Sammo has been behind the camera in his later years. 

He's constantly action directing the new wave of stars and empowering them with his Knowledge and wisdom.


The Reviews of Sammo's films on site Now

Please be aware that some the film review pages are locked due to being updated , as each review is updated for the new look site it will be unlocked , thanks for your patience

Lady Wirlwind 1972- Sammo action directs and has a co-starring role in this classic

Hapkido 1972 - Sammo rejoins Angela Mao in this second film featuring Hapkido.

The Skyhawk 1974 - as action director and a role as Fei'Fei in this Kwan Tak Hing film.

The Tournament 1974 - A supporting role and action director in this Angela Mao film.

The Himalayan 1976 - Another Angela Mao classic in which Sammo action directs.

Encounters of the Spooky Kind 1980 - Sammo creates a new Genre and stars and directs

The Victim 1980 - Sammo teams up with Leung Kar Yan in this  Old School classic.

By Hook or By Crook 1980 - review coming soon

Project A 1983 - Review coming soon

Wheels on Meals 1984 - Sammo directs his brothers and stars in this film great.

My Lucky Stars 1985 - Review coming soon

Yes Madam 1985 - Sammo produces and Cameos in this Michelle and Cynthia  fight fest!

Mr Vampire 1985 - Sammo produces a film for his friend Lam Ching-Ying

Mr,Vampire 2 1986 - the sequel to Sammo's earlier produced Jumping Vampire Film

Where's Officer Tuba 1986 - Sammo plays a cop who does not want trouble .

Millionaires Express 1986 - Sammo brings together Hong Kong in one film.

Eastern Condors 1986 - Review coming soon

Pedicab Driver 1989 - Sammo Takes revenge for friends lost in this classic

Spooky Encounters 2 1990 - The  sequel to the original ,which is as good as the first

The Gambling Ghost 1991 - Sammo takes on three roles in this rare flick.

Point of no Return 1991 - Sammo is Goose ,witness to murder and in Danger!

My Flying Wife 1991 - Sammo is a triad Boss looking out for his guys and dead wife

Slickers vs Killers 1991 - Sammo plays a Mobile Phone salesman in this comedy

Ghost Punting 1992 - Kidstuff is back and this time he's hunting ghosts

Mr,Nice Guy 1997 - Jackie's  a Chef ,his girlfriend is kidnapped,Sammo Directs .

The Pale Sky 1998 - Sammo loses his manhood and want's it Back!

Wushu 2008 - Sammo plays Li Kui father and teacher of Wushu in this Jackie Produced Film

Ip Man 2008 - Sammo action directs Donnie Yen in this true story of a Legend

Kung Fu Chefs 2009 - Sammo plays Wong Ping Yee a master chef with a past

14 Blades 2010 - Sammo Plays  Prince Qing in this Donnie Yen film .

Ip Man 2 2010 -  Sammo returns to action direct and co star in this sequel.

The Legend is Born-Ip Man 2010 - Sammo plays Chan Wah Shun in this prequel .

Detective D 2011 - Andy Lau stars and Sammo Action Directs in this Tsui Hark film.

Choy Lee Fut 2011 - Sammo cameo's  ,starring alongside his Son Sammy Hung

My Kingdom 2011 - Peking Opera epic with action directed by Sammo.

Naked Soldier 2012 - Sammo stars with Jennifer Tse in this Wong Jing film. 

Last Tycoon (The) 2012 - Sammo and Chow Yun Fat together ,wow.

Once Upon a Time in Shanghai 2014 - Sammo gets to bust some heads .

Rise of The Legend 2014 - Sammo Plays Master Liu of the Black Tiger Gang.


Sammo Photo Gallery

  • Sammo in Enter the Dragon 1973
    Sammo in Enter the Dragon 1973
  • Sammo in Dragons Forever ,which he directed and starred his brothers Jackie Chan and Yuen Biao
    Sammo in Dragons Forever ,which he directed and starred his brothers Jackie Chan and Yuen Biao
  • Sammo in Gambling Ghost
    Sammo in Gambling Ghost
  • Sammo and Donnie Yen in Ip Man 2
    Sammo and Donnie Yen in Ip Man 2
  • Sammo with Alan Tam in Pantyhose Hero
    Sammo with Alan Tam in Pantyhose Hero
  • Sammo in Naked Soldier in 2012
    Sammo in Naked Soldier in 2012
  • Sammo in Naked Soldier in 2012
    Sammo in Naked Soldier in 2012
  • Rise of the Legend -2014
    Rise of the Legend -2014
  • Rise of the Legend -2014
    Rise of the Legend -2014
  •  Sammy Hungs wedding ( Above) ,Sammo is Joined by his brother Jackie Chan. Timmy looks like he has lost some weight here,not that he was big ,but just looked a bit fuller in his previous films i had seen him in. 2012
    Sammy Hungs wedding ( Above) ,Sammo is Joined by his brother Jackie Chan. Timmy looks like he has lost some weight here,not that he was big ,but just looked a bit fuller in his previous films i had seen him in. 2012

A Big Thanks to Sammo 

As with all martial artists ,i think it's great when we connect ,but when i asked my friend Bey Logan if he could ask Sammo to be our banner star for July i was amazed when i got a message from Bey saying it's no problem ,as he has just met Sammo in Shanghai and he said yes.

It instils a breath of fresh air when people go out of their way , i thank Bey Logan for  the contact and of course  i thank Sammo Hung for being a sport and i hope we do you justice .

Thanks  'Dai Goh Dai' 

The Snake.

July 2010


Sammo News 

Here we have our News section for Sammo Hung, this will be updated when we hear of any new projects Sammo is connected with . As the news gets old we will remove it and add the latest we know . So want to know what Sammo got coming next just look below.

Sammo Hung's latest endeavour is a  2019 Comedy film with Andrew Lam at the helm , it has not fared well with reviewers as far as i can see. 

We have not viewed the film , and may if we get the chance but don't think where be spending a fortune doing so. 

Plus we have a few other films to review where Sammo either stars or directs , so don't go expecting a review to soon. But here's the poster and screen shot below.