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"It's The Only Way To Survive"

                       Americana Review

Starring: Don''The Dragon'' Wilson / Cynthia Rothrock  - 2004


                        copyright ©Gorilla Pictures 2004/Boulevard entertainment 2007


Don The Dragon Wilson stars in this piece of fodder from 2004 and kinda strange it is ,Don plays Jack who is a ex champion fighter who does demo's and teaches in his schools ,when his father makes a video game based training aid for the government and brings it home for his grandson to try (looks like a game-cube to me and mine don't do this)but when Jacks son gets trapped in this virtual world of combat Jack must enter and fight through each level to free his son,

This proves to be somewhat amusing as we are treated to a host of fighting talent from the states but none of them can act .Even Cynthia Rothrock appears as a white goddess to help Jack within the Game ,but in the end it's up to Jack and his son to fight their way through and release them selves from the coma like trance they are in.


 This is quite a funny film to watch and Don who was a champion kick boxer and won many matches seems out of place in this role as he fights his way through each opponent.And his younger counterpart steals the show for me with his fancy kicks and speed.The thing is Don is a competition fighter and transferring this to screen in this type of film is not as effective as if it had been a more gritty film ,but then it has a teenage feel to the film and i have to give it to him for trying something different.

And if you want to see Don in action in film then wait for my Blood fist review as this was a film that showcased what he could do.Any way this was ok to watch and passed the time and did not break the bank to buy so see it if you can just to see that Gamecube.

The Snake




Don 'The Dragon' Wilson ...
Jack Tanaka

Cynthia Rothrock ...
Sally Kirk / The White Dragon

Lorenzo Lamas ...
Andrew Dean

Aki Aleong ...
Dr. James Tanaka

Christine Rodriguez ...
The Virus (as Christine Bannon-Rodriques)

Daneya Mayid ...
Brad Tanaka (as Dan Mayid)

Chris Casamassa ...
The Karate Master

Rebecca Chaney ...
The Scorpion

Gokor Chivichyan ...
The Grappler

Simon Kim ...
Double Threat

James Kim ...
Double Threat
  Eric Lee ...
Weapons expert
  Michael Matsuda ...
Monkey Man (as Michael Gonzalez-Matsuda)
  Maurice Smith ...
The Street Fighter
  Brad Verret ...
King of the Cage



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