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Reiko Ike born May 25, 1953 in Tokyo, Japan, is a Japanese actress, singer, and entertainer. She is best known for her roles in the genre of action/erotic movies known as pink films.

Sex and Fury is a 1973 violent revenge soft-core pornographic Japanese film directed by Norifumi Suzuki. 

It set around the story of a Female criminal come pickpocket who has been raised by a similar role model after witnessing the death of her father as a child.

The film focuses on Reiko who becomes in broiled in a international criminal activity when she promises a dying man in a gambling den to help ransom his sister who is being kept against her will by a Yakuza gang .

 Now this leads Reiko who plays Ocho Inoshika to the Japan district of Tokyo's Asakus. 

There Ocho gets involved with two powerful Yakuza's who have gained there power quite rapidly.

Now as a subplot ,enter special agents from England who are in to starting a opium war in Japan, so now we have a male agent (Mark Darling) and a female one (Christina Lindberg who was a famous pornographic  centerfold from Sweden in the 70's) here she plays the aptly named Cristina who for Queen and Country will do anything.(WHICH INCLUDES GETTING HER TITS OUT A LOT).

Now when Ocho goes to redeem the sister of the dying man from the gambling den  ,she is of course met with refusal from the head man who in turn offers a wager that if Ocho will gamble with a famous Western female Gambler  He will release the girl for the bounty she has.

Enter Cristina from England ,the two do battle at the gambling table and after a long stint were Ocho is not doing so well ,all hell breaks lose when a young man who is hell bent on killing the head yakuza's breaks in and a fight ensues ,which results in Cristina  shooting the assailants but not the young upstart(Masatake Narusa) leading them ,as she freezes upon seeing him.

Once the commotion has dyed down the game resumes and Ocho comes out the winner ,and the Yakuza agree to release the girl the following day.

Upon release Ocho finds out the girl has been raped prior to release and that the rapist had a Deer tattoo on his back.

This mention of a tattoo brings back the death of Ocho's father and his dying clues to who murdered him ( three playing cards of a Deer,a Boar and a Butterfly)Each of the people who killed her father bare these tattoo's.

Now the film takes it course as the revenge film it is as Ocho comes to the rescue of the young upstart who wants to kill the Yakuza  and hides him from them but when the yakuza come to there home they ransack the place ,and Hold her friends hostage,which involves some mass tying up of girls and giving them a good whipping.

Anyway Ocho comes to their rescue giving herself up in their place ,but this is her plan so she may get revenge for her fathers death.

Now with out going through the whole story ,i must say this has got to be one of the most entertaining films i have seen in a long time (and one i forgot i had and not watched) If ever two films showcased what Kill Bill was taken from it must be Prisoner 701 and this film.

With Reiko's portrayal  as Ocho  the hard as nails ,yet ever so beautiful assassin with a sword. You enter a world of sublime action scenes each with that added erotic feel,as Ocho dispatches sword wielding  Yakuza's with literally just a sword in one scene ( i have never seen a full blown fight scene done with such panache where the main star is completely Nude)

There are so many sections of the film which make you stop and think! hell this was shot in 1973 ,and as these are not what you would call pornographic films per-say  ,they were more mainstream adult films with erotic overtones.

It amazes me that these were done in that era ,in Japan and to such a high production value.

There's one scene where Ocho gets captured by a set of Knife wielding nuns (OK they work for the Yakuza )They take her to a dungeon hang her up with chains ,Cristina comes in dressed in a cowgirl western outfit and whips hell out of her ,it just the craziest thing ever.

But did i like it ,Hell yes this was such a stylish film with a good story ,even though some of the subplots i did get lost on especially the whole English agent thing with Christina Lindberg .(i think they just wanted to use her as she was Hot at the time) 

 It's one of those films once seen ,you want to watch again,straight away .

Score of out of Ten = 8

Sertes Nake .



Directed by Norifumi Suzuki

Produced by Kanji Amao

Written by Taro  Bonten
Masahiro Kakefuda
Norifumi Suzuki

Reiko Ike
Christina Lindberg
Akemi Negishi
Ryoko Ema
Yoko Hori
Nahomi Oka

Music by Ichiro Araki

Cinematography Motoya Washyo

Editing by Isamu Ichida

Distributed by Toei Company

Release date(s)17 February 1973

Running time:88 min.

Country Japan

Language Japanese


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