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                                        Welcome to our new home

Jonas Namm here , well here we are.

In a way to offer readers of K.I.T.G. more content and maybe bring fans of other action cinema to the site Shoot'em in the Head has set up shop so to speak on Kick'em in the Ghoulies.

Of course your be able to find the reviews and content your looking for on our dedicated pages or in the main sites News Feed and photo and video galleries.

It will be about a month before the content is ported over and new content is starting to appear ,but we feel we can offer a more complete site by combining our efforts.

Also there's a major update coming for K.I.T.G. in 2016. With a overhaul of the entire site bringing it more up to date with a more modern feel. But more news on this towards the end of the year..

This is Jonas Namm signing off.



Where Live Now!

Yes our first review is live on our Eastern Gunplay films section  ,just go to the shoot'em tab at the top of the page .

We will be covering films from both East and West with a heavy emphasis on the Herioc Bloodshed films of the 90's , though where also cover more up to date films which will include the ever expanding cinema from South Korea. 







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