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Slickers vs Killers - 1991



Sammo Hung , Lam Ching-Ying, Jacky Cheung, Carol Cheng, Colin Chou, Joyce Mina Gondenzi 

Directed and Produced By 

Sammo Hung

Slickers vs Killers -1991

Sammo Hung made five films under his Bojon Films label., each one of them are quite Unique films and all are nigh impossible to find on DVD or VCD ,even though they where released for short amount of time when released.

But unlike 'Pedicab Driver'' 1989 or Pantyhose Hero 1990 , 1991 film Slickers vs Killers often gets forgot about ..

But one thing about each of the Bojon films is their plots and stories are so far removed from each other that each film is a must see for any Sammo Hung fan.

In Pedicab Driver we entered the world of of 1930's China and a story of Love and Tragedy, for Pantyhose Hero Sammo tackled (particularly for the time ) a subject matter that was say touch and go (forgive the pun) set in the world of the Gay bars and Sammo in search of a Killer.

For Slickers vs Killers the story is as wacky if not more so, this time the time frame is the advent of the mobile Phone ( you know the first phones that weighed a ton) , Sammo plays a Phone salesman named Success Hung ,he's the best salesman in town even though his techniques are unorthodox .

But Hung sees red when his boss employs a female sales woman he poached from a rival company. He pits the two against each other to get the best sales.

But no that's not enough here , Hung happens to witness a murder and then gets fingered as one of the killers as well as being seen by the actual killers who also want him dead,

But it all goes over the head of his wife Lisa ( a Police woman) , as she thinks Hung is just making it up. Even his shrink Dr Ko ( Played by Sammo's real wife Joyce Gondenzi) thinks Hung is just vying for attention.

Of course it all comes to a head when the killers attack Hung in Public which raises alarms , Slickers vs Killers is more a romp with some cool action scenes, with Sammo showing his agility as he runs away from the killers (played by Lam Ching-Ying and Jacky Cheung) or teases his wife's Police Partner Ai (Colin Chou) who has another agenda!

Compared to the other films in the Bojon films series Slickers feels slightly rushed ,but that may just be the concept, even though the action is decent , but then it should be with such a cast .

But the film does not engage as Pedicab Driver or even the latter ''Don't Give a Damn'' 1995 .

But of course the stars give it their all , LamChing -Ying and Jacky Cheung bring a air of quality to the proceedings as the crazed killers Owl and Bat.

And the three female leads also get some good scenes as the three women in Hung's life , who basically don't believe a word he says.

Though not a classic ,Slickers vs Killers must be seen for the completest and for 99 Minutes it entertains .

Score out of Ten = 6

Review Date : May 2014

Reviewer : Sertes Nake

© Bojon Films 1991 / Universe and Laser Video Ltd


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Directed by Sammo Hung
Produced by Sammo Hung
Screenplay by Sze To Cheuk Hon
Barry Wong
Starring Sammo Hung
Carol Cheng
Lam Ching-ying
Jacky Cheung
Joyce Godenzi
Yu Li
Collin Chou
Music by Lowell Lo
Cinematography Jimmy Leung
Editing by Lo Kin
Studio Bojon Films
Distributed by Newport Entertainment
Release dates 13 September 1991
Running time 99 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese


 Character and cast list

 Sammo Hung as Success Hung

Carol Cheng as Miss Cheng

Lam Ching-ying as Owl

Jacky Cheung as Bat

Joyce Godenzi as Doctor Ko

Yu Li as Lisa Yu

Collin Chou as Ai

Richard Ng as Mr. Chow

Tommy Wong as murder victim

Teddy Yip as Boss Yip

Billy Ching as gang member

Billy Lau as man at mall

Clifton Ko as Robert

Lo Kin as gang leader

Yam Wai Hung as gang member

Pauline Wong as female cop

Wu Zhan Peng as victim

Huang Kai Sen as Wong Sam

Hon Ping as gang member

Tsim Siu Ling as gang member

Timmy Hung as gang member

Chu Wan Ling as gang member

Yuen Miu as cop

Leung Kei Hei as waiter

Lam Kwok Kit as gang member


 source : wikipedia