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Soke Kevin Pell 

Born  : 1958  Edmonton 'North London , United Kingdom

Style : Ishin-Ryu Ju-jitsu

Soke Kevin Pell born in London 1958 started his Martial arts life in 1966 at a young age and has gone onto become one of the most prolific Ju-jitsu exponenets in the UK and the World.

My old Ju-Jitsu instructer the Late Great Soke Richard Morris reffered to Soke Pell as the Big Man of Jujitsu.

And I did meet Soke Pell once while training with Soke Morris when he visited our Dojo .
I also got to see him again at the 2011 Martial arts show in Birmingham where his team put on a fine show  , though time was short as my colleague and myself where booked on seminars with Cynthia Rothrock and Bill Wallace and where trying to see evrything we could. 

After years of training in the Martial arts and not just Ju-jitsu but Karate ,Wing Chun and others  gave Soke Pell a grounding in the arts many just don't reach.

This cross training method which many martial artists do is vital to understanding all elements of the arts. Being stuck in one area and not evolving leaves you stagnent.  Soke Pell new this to well and in 1990 after his many years of experance he decided to set up his own Martial arts School in Hertfordshire UK . Naming it Ishin-Ryu Ju-jitsu  , basically meaning ''One Heart / Mind ''  , this was a culmination of all his experiance and even though it started out small it slowly got larger and larger to a point of needing more locations for students to train .

Ishin-Ryu's pull was the explosive range of teachings taught at the schools  , with focus on Ju-jitsu , Karate and Kobudo and it being a ever evolving art for modern times , but still keeping with Japanese tradition. 

Soke Pell has written a couple of books on the art as well , which are readily available in paperback and Kindle form. 

Soke Pell's life seems to have been quite exciting as he served in the Royal Marines Reserve  and  also the Royal Military Police. 

He has also been in demand worldwide to train and teach others in his no nonsense art .

He also did Close Protection for Dubai Royal Family. . in the late 90's he moved to Norfolk in the UK and set up his base for his schools where he teaches at present.  with Clubs stretching from Norfolk to Herfordshire Ishin-Ryu has over 2000 regular students which is vast achievment.

In 2001 Soke Pell was inducted into Combat's Black Belt Hall of Fame and ten years later recieved a Life Time Achievment Award for his Contributions to Martial arts. 

In 2013 Martial Arts Illustrated Awarded Soke Pell a Life Time Achievment Award as well. 

Soke Pell's Ishin-Ryu Ju-jitsu continues to evolve and I'm sure where hear of more exciting news coming from the Organisation .

Soke Kevin Pell is a Modern Day Legend of Martial Arts and here at Kickemintheghoulies  we honor him here . 


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