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Squid Game - NETFLIX -2021

( Review by Cloudtoe)

I saw Squid Game in my recommended list, the name kinda put me off a bit. My friends told me I had to watch it though, they had binge watched the whole thing, so I gave it ago. 
I have to say I did enjoy it. 
So what is Squid Game about ? There are so many reviews that tell you everything so will do my best to review without spoiling it for you.

The main protagonist is Ki-hoon, a man down on his luck, divorced with a neglected daughter, a gambling addiction, a sick mother and he is being chased by debt collectors. He is approached by a stranger, who offers him the chance to play a game where he can win alot of money. 
He agrees and is picked up in a van and drugged. He wakes up in a warehouse full of others also down on their luck.
They are told they have to play a series of games. The games are traditional Korean children's games. (Some similar to ones we play in the West. 
Squid Game is one of the games, which is perhaps not quite so familiar to us).The money goes up after each game, with a grand prize for the final winner. 
Not all players make it to the next round. 
Fatally not make it to the next round !
It will have you hooked as each game is played and characters are introduced. 
It is also a bit of social commentary on the illusion of free will. It gets a little predictable towards the end. I would definitely recommend it.

Review by Cloudtoe

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Lee Jung -Jae


Born in 1972 Lee Jung-jae came to fame as a fashion model then a actor in Television.

He has starred in many films since his debut in film in 1993.
His breakout role in 1998s An Affair. 

This secured his place in many films though he did go through a slow patch towards the end of 2007 .

Some of well known roles in the West would be in 2005s Typhoon , and 2016s Operation Chromite were he starred alongside Liam Neeson.

Stand out films 

1998 - An Affair 
1999-  City of the Rising Sun
2001 - The Last Witness
2005- Typhoon
2012 - The Thieves
2013 - New World
2013- The Face Reader
2015 - Assassination
2020- Deliver us from Evil

TV Dramas

2007 - Air City
2019 - Chief of Staff
2021- Squid Game 

Park Hae-Soo


Born in 1981 Park Hae-soo made his acting debut in the theatre back in 2007, his moved onto TV dramas in 2012 and his first film role was in the 2014 South Korean film ' The Pirates' .

Standout roles 

2014 - The Pirates
2015 - Minority Opinion
2019 - By Quantum Physics '' A Nighlife Venture''
2020 - Time to Hunt - Netflix
TBA - Yacha - Netflix

Directed By : Hwang Dong-Hyuk

Written By : Hwang Dong-Hyuk

Produced By : Hwang Dong-Hyuk

Starring : Lee Jung Jae 
Park Hae-Soo
Wi Ha-Joon

Country: South Korea

Language: Korean

Year 2021

Number of Seasons: 1

Episodes: 9

Running Time per episode - 32-63 minutes

Production Company: Siren Pictures INC 

Distributed By: NETFLIX

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