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Stretching For Kicks

As Martial artist's stretching is a major part of training ,without this we would get problems with our joints and muscles ,but quite often we stretch wrong and i admit even myself have fallen foul to this mainly because when being instructed in a martial art stretching techniques are not always explained right .


Your often shown the stretch and left to attain it for yourself because within a lesson you have a allotted time and you can't go round explaining stretching for an hour.So what to do ,well I am glad i have discovered a man called Paul Zaichik who is an expert on stretching for all sports and martial artists or dancers.

Now with his video Elasticsteel he runs through the right and wrong ways to stretch and gives variations on each one so you find the best way to perform a particular stretch for you. Another fellow is the Fitnessgentlemen who's video's are on You-Tube along with some of Paul Zaichik's .

I have included below a selection of stretching video's from these people so you may try them out to see how they effect you .

And i assure you they will open your eyes to proper stretching like you have never seen before.I am sure after watching these you will want to know more.