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                      Americana Review
               Sworn to Justice

                          Starring:Cynthia Rothrock -1996


                                copyright ©ILC ENTERTAINMENT 2007

 Once again Cynthia Rothrock returns to the fray this time in a film made in 1996 where she plays a psychologist Jana Dane who comes home to find a break in and her sister and nephew dead killed by the burglars,What she also does not expect is to find the burglars are still there and after a fight she is bashed on the head and wakes up in hospital only to find she has gained psychic abilities.And in  turn becomes obsessed with finding her sisters killers and becomes a vigilante by night and Psychologist by day.

The film also stars the late MAKO in a small cameo role as a store attendant.Now Jana works for the forensics department helping with criminal cases where she meets a new college in the form of Kurt McKinney ,yes it's the guy who starred in No retreat No Surrender .She also works at a psychologist institute where she helps Chekov from yes Star Trek ,of course he does not play Chekov here.

This is where she also discovers her abilities to sense happenings by touching belongings of people or things they have touched ,this sets us up for Cynthia stopping some criminal activities that happen when she's out and about and also gives us a chance to see her in action doing what she does best .And that is beat guys up with style ,and i must say even though this is a later film of hers the action we are treated to here is blinding.She stops a store robbery in progress and then later a robbery come rape victim she helps which leads her to one of the perps that killed her sister.Some buut kicking takes place that will entertain .On top of this you have a cop that does not seem to be to bothered by her ordeal and just wants her to back off.

 All in all this is a classy film and one not all Cynthia fans would have seen as it's not one i remember as high profile and found my copy on Amazon .Kurt McKinney does get to do a little but not enough to steel the show.Cynthia rocks once again in a film though shot on a budget showcases her fighting skills to perfection,and we are treated to many action scenes and even one with Cynthia doing a Kata in her Underwear.Highly recommended for any fight fan and if your in to Cynthia Rothrock this is one film to track down.

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