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The Debt Collector - 2018

The Debt Collector aka PAY DAY

One of the busiest men in Independent Movie action cinema returns, yes in this 2018 film directed by Jesse V Johnson Scott Adkins plays French a British guy living in Hollywood who runs a small Martial arts school.

But mounting debts, few students, and competition from a bigger group who are trying to muscle in on what action he does have to see French make a tough life choice by going into the debt collecting business working for local boss Tommy.

Upon recommendation from his friend and cohort Alex, French gets a suit, and day one is teamed up with old school collector Sue who lives life day by day without much self-pride and just wants to get the job done to earn his buck.

The film sees French over the course of three days in his new job in the shady business of debt collecting.

What French does not count on is his first job being one nearly costing his life as he chases down two late payers who are trying to skip out.

The star of the film is of course the action, as French goes through the day he gets into constant fights with hired muscle working for the debt owers.

Once again Scott Adkins gets to show off his versatile repertoire in fight action as he battles against bullets, Bats, and Hulk-like muscle.

One-stop sees French going up against two humongous guys that make him look tiny, as he gets thrown about and smashed through walls but always ends up getting the upper hand.

Teamed up with his teacher Sue who likes to give the new boy a head start by getting him to do most of the fighting.

As the intrepid duo drive around in a classic 70's American Coupe going from door to door to get what's owed French gets decidedly more worn-torn as the day goes on, while his mentor Sue seems relatively unscathed for the most part.

By the third day, the story has taken a twist and their Boss Tommy has them working a case to track down a guy who has apparently been stealing from big wig local boss Barbosa.

Scott Adkins has done a few films with director Jesse V Johnson and I think this is the third I have seen, the others being Avengement and Accident Man.

There's no doubt about the style of film Johnson makes, there are little fancy flying kicks and long drawn out battles of honor here, the name is how brutal can we make it, headbutts, broken noses, and a good ole beating is the name of the game here, a trademark of a film by Johnson.

I was pleased to see actor Michael Pare on board as Alex, he was an actor I followed back in the day, not to mean I was a stalker, I just enjoyed his films and tracked down many he was in, my favorite being Streets of Fire where he starred with a then-unknown Willem Defoe.

Unfortunately, his role is like an extended cameo and he does get much screen time.

But we also have Louis Mandylor as Sue whose role is that of a co-star here and he even gets to show he still has the moves. For those in the know, Louis Mandylor starred in the first series of Martial Law with Sammo Hung.

I enjoyed Pay Day for what it was a 90-minute action-fueled fistfight where French goes through more clothes than the Incredible Hulk.

Will it win awards? Probably not.

Should you watch it? Hell yes.

It also goes to show that not everyone is a total Bastard and sometimes the road to honor is a better path and sometimes it's not.

Review By Sertes Nake

Review Date: 31-08-2021

  • The Debt Collector -2018
    The Debt Collector -2018
The Debt Collector -2018
The Debt Collector -2018


Year: 2018

Director: Jesse V Johnson

Starring :

Scott Adkins

Louis Mandylor

Michael Pare


Scott Adkins

Martial artist / Action Actor 

Scott Adkins born in England in 1976, Scott's martail arts background stems from his childhood.
Scott his first break when he was spotted by a Hong Kong film producer and Martial artist and former editor of Martial arts Illustrated and Impact Magazine Bey Logan.

But apart from just Action fare Scott also did a stint in British drama Holby City.

Probably the film that really got him noticed was his lead role in Ninja by director Issac Florentine.

Since then Scott has worked endlessly in many Martial arts action films and claimed the lead in the Undisputed series of films as Uri Boyka.

From the Expendables to the forthcoming John Wick 4 Scott continues to work in action cinema even as he gets later in life. 

Louis Mandylor

Actor / Former Boxer  / Director / Producer

Louis Mandylor is a Australian Actor and former Boxer.He has worked in Television for most part as well as film from starring in Nash Bridges / Relic Hunter and CSI Miami. But for Martial art fans will be known for his role in the Martial Law series which starred Sammo Hung. 
Louis played Louis Malone in the first series.
Louis has a barrage of films in pre and post production which should see release in 2022.