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The Admiral Roaring Currents

Directed by : Kim Han-Min

Starring : Choi Min Sik

Ryu Seung Ryong

The Admiral Roaring Currents

What is there to say about a film which has become the highest grossing film in South Korea and the first local film to take over US$100 million and broke the highest ticket sales record in the country previously held by James Cameron's Avatar.

The Admiral Roaring Currents , sometimes referred to as either The Admiral or Roaring Currents (It's UK DVD release title) is a film focusing on the exploits of famed Navel expert Admiral Yi Sun Sin in the battle of Myeongnyang around 1597.

Playing the Admiral is award winning actor Choi Min Sik ( Old Boy , Nameless Gangster) who plays his role with such passion and to be quite honest if I had not known he was in the film I would have taken a lot longer to recognise him due to some extensive make up and the heavy set costumes.

I think many are so used to seeing Choi Min Sik play in modern action rather then traditional fare . But Choi Min Sik is a actor who becomes his character , he is so believable in his many films it's amazing his focus is so intense in whatever role he plays.

As a strategic Navel officer Yun Sun Sin was a expert in battle formations and heralded as one of the greatest navel commanders of all time .

This film follows the second Japanese invasion of Korea , Yun Sun Sin served in booth wars , which where very close , about six years or so.

Yun Sun Sin ruled his command by instilling fear into his men , he thought that men under his command should be loyal to their duty regardless of personal injury or death.

The Japanese invaders also used fear to extreme means to weaken their adversaries by capturing soldiers , torturing them and sending them back to their families dead ,decapitated or in pieces.

After having spent time imprisoned after the first Japanese invasion due to his strict rule the Monarchy of Korea imprisons him, released he is given back his post literally days before the Japanese set to re invade.

The film concentrates on the build up to the main battle where Yun Sun Shin faces the force of the Japanese Navy whose force exceeds some three hundred ships .

What's more Yun Sun Shin does this but with just twelve ships at his disposal . The Japanese however are convinced there constant attacks on the Koreans have weakened their gusto for fighting through their intimidation ,torture and killing .

But it's courage that Yun Sun Shin is counting on. As through his own actions of not giving up no matter what the cost will hopefully bring all his men together in one last bid of patriotism .

What your find with Admiral Roaring Currents is once the build up to the main battle is under way it's not long before your cast head first into this tremendous battle .

Combining strategic manoeuvres with clashing battles with cannon and smashing skirmishes as ships collide for battle as troops from either side embark on boarding the enemies vessels.

How much of the film is CGI is not important as the line between what is CGI and what is not is mostly impossible to distinguish. Though I'm pretty sure they did not have over three hundred ships on the open water ..but it sure does look like they did.

The film shows how Yun Sun Shin discovered he could use the tides and time of day to best place himself at a advantage over his attackers.

But it's not just about sailing ships on high water, the battle scenes within the film are excellently done with skirmishes showing the brutal horrors of war as the two sides board each others ships to take control.

There are some well choreographed fights going on all around as you watch, your have one battle going on in front of you with another going on in the background ,what's clever is the way your able to take in different parties fighting at the same time within the same shot , this is of course due to some magnificent camera work which captures a broad spectrum of the area your watching.

The film also had a limited release in North America ,opening in thirty cinema's , due to some great reviews it expanded to another twelve cinema's in it''s second week of release .

Plus the film has been nominated in many awards and actually winning eighteen of those awards from 'Actor of the Year for Choi Min Sik to Best director , Best cinematography and Best film .

A full list of awards won are listed below.

South Korean cinema continues to set benchmarks in great movie making. The Admiral Roaring Currents is a must see for fans of Choi Min Sik and action film fans alike.

Reviewed By : Sertes Nake

Review Date : May 14th 2015

Image  © Big Stone Pictures / CJ Entertainment 2014


Stills from the film

                                              Awards Won

23rd Buil Film Awards - Best Film - WON

                             - Best Cinematography - WON- Kim Tae -Seong

                             - Best Art Direction - WON - Jang Choon-Seob


Asia Star Awards      - Actor of the Year - WON - Choi Min Sik


34th Korean association of Film Critics Award - Best Actor -WON - Choi Min Sik

                             - Critics Top Ten award - WON - 


 51st Grand Bell Awards - Best Film - WON

                                - Best Actor - WON - Choi Min Sik

                                - Technical Award - WON - Kang Tae-Gyun -CG

                                                         -           Yun Dae Won -  Special Effects

                                 - Best Planning - WON- Kim Han-Min


35th Blue Dragon Film Awards - Best Director  - WON - Kim Han Min

                                        - Audience Choice Award for Best Film - WON


6th Kofra Film Awards           - Best Actor - WON - Choi Min Sik


10th Max Movie Awards         - Best Film - WON 

                                        - Best Actor  - WON - Choi Min Sik


20th Chunsa Film Art Awards - Technical Award - WON- Choi Tae-Young - SOUND



Directed by Kim Han-min
Produced by Kim Han-min
Written by Jeon Chul-hong
Kim Han-min
Starring Choi Min-sik
Ryu Seung-ryong
Music by Kim Tae-seong
Cinematography Kim Tae-seong
Edited by Kim Chang-ju
Big Stone Pictures
Distributed by CJ Entertainment
Release dates
July 30, 2014
Running time
127 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean


 Main Characters  and Cast

Choi Min-sik as Yi Sun-sin

Ryu Seung-ryong as Kurushima Michifusa

Cho Jin-woong as Wakisaka Yasuharu

Kim Myung-gon as Tōdō Takatora

Jin Goo as Lim Jun-young

Lee Jung-hyun as Mrs. Jeong, Lim's wife

Kwon Yul as Yi Hoe

Lee Seung-joon as Captain Ahn

Kim Kang-il as Katō Yoshiaki

No Min-woo as Haru

Kim Tae-hoon as Kim Jung-geol

Ryohei Otani as Junsa

Park Bo-gum as Bae Su-bong

Lee Hae-yeong as Captain Song

Jang Jun-nyeong as Lieutenant Nah

Moon Yeong-dong as Kim Dol-son



source : wikipedia




Kim Han Min's award winning historic film about one Korea's most famous Military leaders, Yi Sun Shin (Choi Min Sik).Full review and more stills on site at www.kickemintheghoulies.com/theadmiral.htm

Posted by Kick'em in the Ghoulies on Tuesday, 19 May 2015






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