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                                       Import Film Review
        The Last Tycoon

Starring : Huang Xiaoming, Chow Yun Fat ,Sammo Hung, Francis NG

Directed By : Wong Jing


© BONA Film Group  / Mega Vision Pictures / Beijing Enlight Pictures 2012

The Last Tycoon

Wong Jing is back in the directors chair,not that he ever rests from directing or producing or both.

Here Wong Jing directs a film produced by Andrew Lau and Connie Wong,.

The story which is penned by Wong Jing,Phillip Liu and Manfred Wong is loosley based on a 1920's Triad by the name of Du Yuesheng.

Here the story follows the climb to power of one Cheng Daqi who is played by Huang Xiaoming ( as the younger Daqi) and Chow Yun Fat ( as the older Daqi).

It basically chronicles the the life of Daqi from him being a young man who works a menial job and has a soft spot for a local girl who hopes to be a Chinese Opera star .The girl Zhiqui played again in younger and older forms by Feng WenJuan and Yuan Quan.

We also have Sammo Hung and Francis NG who actually play their characters in both younger and older forms.

The film shows how a night of intervention by Daqi (by cohesion by his boss) ends up in jail for a crime he's not guilty for .

The arresting officer who has a grudge against Daqi and basically wants him dead is not going to let him off with a written warning.

Daqi meets Mao Zai ( Francis NG) who has a plan to escape , It soon becomes apparent that Mao Zai is quite sinister in his de-meaner when Daqi's life is put on the line.

Now the film follows the life of Daqi in a series of flashbacks or forwards if you please. It chronicles the rise of Daqi as a Pier worker who controls the passage of goods on a pier ,and how rival pier bosses engage in disputes.

This is where Daqi meets Shanghai's top gangster and Police Commissioner for the district , Hong Shouting ( Sammo ) , it also shows how he becomes a worthwhile addition to Hong's army of enforcers ,which help him gain wealth and all while outlawing Gambling,Prostitution and other illegal ventures.

The film will often shift focus to Daqi in later life ,how he has become the right hand man to Hong and his partner. But it also shows how in many ways he has gained the respect of many of Hong's followers to a point of having more control.

But when he feels he has the upper hand his plans will be scuppered by the local Army who don't like people like Hong and Daqi. What's more when Mao Zai turns up again and turns out to be a Army General ,it looks like Daqi's life may not be his own after all.


The film focuses on the breakout of war ,where Japan invade China and how the locals prepare for the oncoming onslaught.

The Last Tycoon is quite a mesmerizing film ,our two leads ,who play the same person are a good match to portray one another in different time frames. Huang Xiaoming really is the man of the moment , getting roles in films that just entertain.

Chow Yun Fat as the older Daqi brings his all important persona to the role which at times send shivers up your spine , much like his earlier roles in the Killer,Hard Boiled and God of Gamblers.

It's a funny theirs one seen when the younger Daqi is caught in a dispute which plays out like one of Chow's earlier films , of course Wong Jing saw it as a opportunity to steal a classic scene and show that Huang Xiaoming can pull it off just like Chow did.

What the scene is ,well your have to watch the film.

The film is also a love affair between Daqi and Zhiqui and how their love can never be ,as their lives are on different paths.

Sammo is reliable as ever as the forceful Shanghai Boss with heart. Though his role is more of a supporting one he plays his younger and older self brilliantly .

The films action is pretty steadfast with a mix of Unarmed and armed combat ,some quite brutal while other scenes use pyrotechnics to great use .Full of big bangs and cool fights .

Even Karate legend Yasuaki Kurata as a Japanese Army official who controls all the forces invading China.

At around two hours The Last Tycoon is a story of life's pivots,how one thing can change your whole path in life and how in a instant all can be lost or gained.

With a stellar cast it holds you to the screen and entertains in co-pus amounts only to stop you dead and make you think how can one man be witness to such carnage and still keep his morals and not question his own actions.

Score out of ten = 9

Review Date : July 15th 2013

Reviewer : Sertes Nake


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Directed by Wong Jing
Produced by Andrew Lau
Connie Wong
Screenplay by Wong Jing
Phillip Lui
Manfred Wong
Starring Chow Yun-fat
Sammo Hung
Francis Ng
Huang Xiaoming
Music by Chan Kwong-wing
Cinematography Andrew Lau
Jason Kwan
Editing by Azrael Chung
Studio Mega Vision Pictures
Beijing Enlight Pictures
Bona Film Group
Distributed by Distribution Workshop
Release date(s)
  • 22 December 2012 (China)
  • 3 January 2013 (Hong Kong)
Running time 118 minutes (Singapore)
107 min (China)
Country Hong Kong
Language Mandarin


 Character Cast

  • Chow Yun-fat as Cheng Daqi
    • Huang Xiaoming as Cheng Daqi (young)
  • Sammo Hung as Hong Shouting
  • Francis Ng as Mao Zai
  • Yuan Quan as Ye Zhiqiu
    • Feng Wenjuan as Ye Zhiqiu (young)
  • Monica Mok as Bao
    • Kimmy Tong as Bao (young)
  • Yuan Li as Ling Husheng
  • Xin Baiqing as Cheng Zhaimei
  • Gao Hu as Lin Huai
  • Yasuaki Kurata as Major Nishino
  • Han Zhi as Warlord Lu
  • Zheng Yitong as Xiaolanchun
  • Qi Ji as Lu Xiaojia
  • Anton Tishchenko as Cheng'


 source : wikipedia


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