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             Old School Kung Fu Review
                   The Skyhawk
Starring: Kwan Tak Hing and Sammo Hung
Copyright ©1974 Golden Harvest / ©1993 Star TV Filmed Entertainment (HK) Limited  and Star TV Filmed Entertainment Limited.
In this Classic Old School film from 1974 Kwan Tak Hing plays The Skyhawk aka Huang Fei Hong.Fei Hong was a Chinese folk hero that has been portrayed by many stars from Jackie Chan ,Jet Li ,Chu Man Chuk and many more.
Now Kwan Tak Hing was a actor who played the role of the Famous Hero from the 1940's   to the 80's .He played the part some 80 times across the years.
Kwan Tak Hing was Born in 1905 and died at the age of 91 in 1996 and became so famous for the role that films made in later years featuring the hero would only depict Fei Hong as a young man.
 Kwan Tak Hing
This film made by Golden Harvest was action action choreographed by  Sammo Hung Kam Bo as well as starring in as well ,along with Carter Huang,Nora Miao and top Hapkido man Wang Inn Sik who starred opposite Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.
The film starts with Skyhawk visiting his friend in Thailand ,along with him goes his student "Fatty" played here by Sammo Hung.Along the way they witness a fight involving Carter Huang (Lion) .Lion is being beaten by a evil martial arts master here played by the Great Wang In Sik .
After the beating Lion is left injured and Skyhawk (Fei Hong) and Fatty rescue him and take him with them to Fei Hong's friend's house (Chu).
Chu is a trades man and runs a small business and has a daughter played by Nora Miao.
Now a evil tyrant  Koo who has a similar business to Chu ,but uses his to transport Opium try's to bully Chu's Porters in to planting opium in Chu's carrying service.
But when two of Chu's porters fall foul of Koo and one is killed while the other is blackmailed to work for Koo and ruin Chu's business trouble starts.
Now Fatty's sister runs a restaurant with her useless gambling husband (Lee Kwan).
And is always getting in to debt with Koo who runs a gambling den as well.
When Fatty and Lion get in to trouble with Koo's men and beat them up Fei Hong is challenged and being the man he is resists confrontation at the cost of losing face.This is because he see's it as a trap (and he's right of Course).
Now Lion requests Fei Hong to take him as his student and after deliberation he agrees.
So now both Fatty and Lion are being tutored by Fei Hong.Meanwhile Koo assaults Fatty's sister in the restaurant and when Fatty and Lion intervene ,they once again lose face  when his sisters Husband Interferes ,mainly because he is in debt to Koo.
So in a last bid to regain his Money back Fatty's sister's husband (Lee Kwan ) mortgages the restaurant to gain money to gamble but when Koo gets the Title Deed he holds it and says "this Pays your debts".When Fatty finds out he is distraught and annoyed and seeks out Chu for help.Chu says he will get the Deed back but not before they are attacked and a fight ensues,Fatty holds one of Koo's men hostage while Chu confronts Koo "getting the Deed back.
Just when they think their clean away ,they both are attacked again 'this time the consequences are grave. And it looks like the only Way to stop Koo taking over is for Skyhawk to take the fight to him.
Right this is probably one of the most amazing Old School flicks out there.It has such a array of talent ,your sure to spot many top stars along the way as well as the ones i have mentioned.On top of that the display of Martial artistry is second to none ,especially for a film from the 70's and bears many familiarities to Bruce Lee's Big Boss and Fist of Fury not just in look but feel and the way everything is righteous but all so tragic.
If you buy one Old School Film this year ,make sure it's the classic "The Skyhawk"
Score out of Ten = 9
The Snake
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