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Year of the Film Makers Review

In Conjunction with the screenings at the  London Korean Cultural Centre ,we will be featuring reviews of the screenings they hold at the centre. 

Starting with our first review here , The first in their series looks at the film maker and screenwriter Park Hoon-Jung.

Though this is the first this year for us the series started of with ''I SAW THE DEVIL'' , a film we viewed last year at the Choi Min-Sik screenings. You can see our review on site Now.

The Unjust


Starring : Hwang Jung-Min, Ryoo Seung-Bum

Directed By : Ryoo Seung-Wan

Screenplay by : Park Hoon-Jung


The Unjust

The Unjust is a 2010 South Korean crime thriller directed by the action kid himself, yes Ryoo Seung-Wan.. Unlike most of the directors features The Unjust was not written by him but by director ,Screenwriter Park Hoon-Joong ..

Now lucky enough the London Korean Cultural Centre in London is running it's 2014 series of screenings and has kicked of with a retrospective of Park Hoon-Jung's screenplays ..

The first shown was ''I SAW the Devil'' a film we covered last year at a similar event by the center when actor Choi Min Sik was the chosen subject of one of the centres series of films screenings. .

So for their second screening in this series we have The Unjust which Park Hoon-Jung wrote as he did with ''I Saw the Devil'' .

Here we have a very different story and one that focuses on the lengths people in various organisations, government and authorities will go to meet targets ,get promotions to get ahead and be regarded as the hero or good guy.

The Unjust stars Ryoo Seung -Wan's brother Ryoo Seung -Bum ( Berlin File , City of Violence) as public prosecutor Joo Yang and Hwang Jung -Min ( Fists of Legend, Dancing Queen) as a Captain Choi of the Metropolitan Investigation Services ( MIS ) ..

When a there are a series of crimes involving young school girls being kidnapped and killed the pressure is on for both the Police and the prosecutors to arrest the subjects responsible and deal out justice.

But when a suspect is killed by one of the victims Uncles who is also a police officer it becomes apparent that justice may not be at the root of the many actions taking place.

Captain Choi who is working one case is removed from it to work on the Kidnap case when it is known that the killed suspect was not the killer.

Of course the answer is to please the big wigs in power and bring someone to justice whether they did it or not, by targeting a former known paedophile who has a job as a School bus driver ,the MIS build a case to arrest and charge the suspect named Lee Dong-seok. .

To get Lee Dong to co-operate Captain Choi uses the services of one Jang Seok-Gu a Business man and underworld boss .

Jang has profited from Captain Choi's involvement in another case when Jang's arch rival Kim Yang-su lost a deal due to intervention by Captain Choi investigating and arresting him.

In turn Prosecutor Joo becomes suspicious of Captain Choi when he discovers Internal affairs are looking into him . Now on top of this Prosecutor Joo is also friendly with Kim Yang-su who is not enamoured by Captain Choi and his tactics due to his interference..

The film builds to a point where to keep the scenario of Lee Dong being the kidnapper Captain Choi has to assure many things stay quite and in the dark ,but Prosecutor Joo and his team discover discrepancies in the handling of the case and investigate Choi. ..

The film might not be as action packed as previous films by the action kid and the story becomes quite involved as you try to keep track of all the characters and whose working for who and who is supporting who.

Of course as the film progresses it gets more hard for both the Prosecutor and Captain Choi to cover their tracks as they try and uncover what the other is hiding. ,on top of this you have the rich business men Jang and Kim who are feeding their relative acquaintances Choi and Joo the info they need while being investigated by each party's rival team..

The Unjust has some good action scenes which entertain well enough and even some quite dry humour in places which may seem at odds with the dark and gritty story that unfolds around you..

Even though the films premise is one of school girl kidnapping and assault it seems to not concentrate wholly on that subject and like many films based on such subject matter ,it does not have that sinister criminal you love to hate ..

In turn even though both Captain Choi and Prosecutor Joo have underhand dealings with people of questionable ethics it's hard to hate one or like another because of it, thus making it hard to side with any one character .

This scenario actually leaves you thinking after viewing the film as you try and decide who actually stood for justice or not , or was it all just a show so the bosses can get promoted and achieve their goals while justice is swept under the carpet?

To find out you may have to watch the film and decide yourself..

Score out of Ten = 7

Review Date : February 27th 2014

Reviewed By : Sertes Nake.


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Directed by Ryoo Seung-wan
Produced by
Koo Bon-han
Kim Yun-ho
Ryoo Seung-wan
Kang Hye-jung
Han Jae-duk
Written by Park Hoon-jung
Hwang Jung-min
Ryoo Seung-bum
Yoo Hae-jin
Music by Jo Yeong-wook
Cinematography Jung Jung-hoon
Editing by
Kim Sang-bum
Kim Jae-beom
Distributed by CJ Entertainment
Release dates
  • October 28, 2010
Running time 119 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean

 Characters and Cast

Hwang Jung-min ... Police captain Choi Cheol-gi

Ryoo Seung-bum ... Public prosecutor (D.A.) Joo Yang

 Yoo Hae-jin ... Gangster/businessman Jang Seok-gu

Chun Ho-jin ... Police bureau chief Kang

Ma Dong-seok ... Police lieutenant Ma Dae-ho

Woo Don-gi ... Lee Dong-seok, the scapegoat

Jo Yeong-jin ... TK chairman Kim Yang-su

Jung Man-shik ... Assistant D.A. Gong

Lee Sung-min ... Chief prosecutor/D.A.

 Kim Su-hyeon ... Soo-il

Gu Bon-woong ... Yoon-jjang

Kim-jae ... Detective Lee

Lee Hee-joon ... Detective Nam

Oh Jung-se ... Reporter Kim

Lee Jong-ju ... Representative Goh

Baek Seung-ik ... killer

 Song Sae-byeok ... Cheol-gi's brother-in-law

Go Seo-hee ... Cheol-gi's younger sister

Kwak Ja-hyeong ... Detective Kwak

Jo Jong-geun ... Detective Jo

 source: wilipedia

Awards Won

Director's Cut Awards - Best Director - Ryoo Seung Wan - 2010

Seoul Art and Culture Awards - Best Director -Ryoo Seung Wan -2010

Fantasia Festival -Best Screenplay - Park Hoon-Jung -2010

                        -Best actor -  Hwang Jung-min -2010

                                        -  Ryoo Seung-Bum - 2010

Buil Film Awards - Best Actor -  Ryoo Seung-Bum - 2010

Sitges Film Festival - Best Film - The Unjust -  2011

Blue Dragon Film Awards - Best Screenplay - Park Hoon-Jung - 2011

                                 - Best Director   - Ryoo Seung-Wan  -2011

                                 - Best Film - The Unjust - 2011


These are the actual won awards,the film was also nominated a number of times in other categories and festivals.




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