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                         Hong Kong Classic Review
         Tiger on the Beat 2


Starring: Conan Lee ,Danny Lee, Gordon Liu

Directed By Lau Kar Leung


Copyright © 1990 Cinema City Co / Joy Sales / Star TV Filmed Entertainment 1993

Tiger on the Beat 2

As with many sequels ,they often never match up to the original. But with many Asian films sequels have little more in common then the name of the film, like so many sequels in the far east the characters and story have no relation to the original film they are named after .

Look at the ''In the Line of Duty''films they share the name ,they are all about the cops and criminal theme yet they never have the same characters . Lucky enough they also share alternative titles which often gives them a better chances with the critics as their not always compared to their stable mates.

With Tiger on the Beat 2 , Produced by Karl Maka and directed once again by Liu Chi Liang (Lau Kar Leung) the story is based around the cops and robbers theme as before . Conan Lee returns ,but this time playing a American Born Chinese named Buffalo who is visiting his uncle in Hong Kong . As for Buffalo's uncle he is a ageing Policeman who has never accomplished anything big in the police and would like to have a crack at a big case, Played by Danny Lee Buffalo's uncle Lam has also been asked to find a young respectable lady for Buffalo to marry.

This all goes wrong when after protecting a girl in a bar (resulting in a fight ,which his uncle gets him off the hook for) he once again meets the same girl again whilst on one of the many arranged meetings with eligible girls for him to marry (often being prostitutes or illegal immigrants form the mainland) all arranged by Lam's friend.

Whilst returning from one of these meetings ,or should I say escaping ?, they witness a girl go overboard on a yacht . Jumping into the water Buffalo quickly goes to her rescue ,she claims she has seen a murder and that the people on the boat are out to kill her.

Being a Policeman Uncle Lam board the Yacht to investigate . Whilst on board Lam discovers it is the Yacht of Local Gangster Fai (played by Gordon Liu Chia Hui ,he played a character called Fai in the first film).

After looking around all they discover are a couple making love. Embarrassed they leave taking the young girl with them . Now the girl referred to as Sweet Dream (Ellen Chan Nga-Lun) is actually just a petty thief who posses as hookers/hostess or what ever to grab what she can . She has witnessed a murder by Fai's hit-man Killer ( Roy Cheung Yiu-Yeung).

She has also stolen a ring which is used to identify themselves as the man they have killed , they needed the ring to secure a drug deal as the buyer will only deal with the dealer wearing the ring that matches his own.

The criminals realize Sweet Dream has the ring and go about trying to get it back at what ever cost.

Now sweet dream sees that Buffalo has a thing for her and uses this to soft talk him ,Lam is not impressed by her and thinks she is just trouble.

So what you have is how the gangsters will try and kill Sweet Dream ,resulting in her room mate getting caught up in the fracas and Buffalo getting deeper in to trouble as he gets caught up in many fights where the Police are called ,which gets Lam in to trouble. In the end Buffalo will wash his hands of Sweet Dream ,but you know he will end up protecting her again as she has hidden the ring they want in Uncle Lam's apartment.

So is this as good as the original film ,which you must remember bears no resemblance to and is Not connected other then cast and crew.. Well I have to say No it does not ,but it is not the terrible film many have labelled it .

I have seen many Hong Kong Films over the years (maybe as many as 5000/6000).

I sometimes wonder if the people reviewing these film enjoy Far East action at times as the seem to enjoy ripping into to them .If it's not your cup of Tea ,Don't Drink it !

Ye I know Chow Yun Fat did not want to do a sequel so they Got Danny lee to star , I like Danny Lee in the role ,he plays the average guy who just wants to get on with life with out much trouble ,but trouble finds him so often . His role may be understated ,but remember around this time he starred in one of his most memorable roles ever ,opposite Chow Yun Fat in the Killer.

This is also the film that Conan Lee had a serous injury when he performed a stunt that nearly cost him dearly.

It was a stunt that no other Hong Kong stuntman would do ,so Conan stepped up and said he would do it himself.

The stunt which sees Conan leap from a raised Causeway to a lamppost in a aim to slide down the pole and chase a thief. As the whole crew watched to see Conan perform the stunt it went all wrong when he could not grab the pole properly due to it being greasy (now you think someone would have checked such a simple thing,Hong Kong cinema in the 80's /90's Over the edge for sure), as Conan leaps to the pole you can see he tries hard to keep hold of it but falls straight to the ground ,resulting in a rush to the hospital where Doctors asked what happened .

Lucky enough one of his friends had a video camera at the stunt and had filmed it all . They showed the doctor and as he viewed the incident the Doctor went shook as he watched Conan fall giving out noises of oh my God! Oh No as he viewed the video , in shock he instructed that Conan be x rayed completely and gave a Brain scan to .

How do I know this ! I met Conan Lee Last year and have become friends with him ,This is one of the stories he told .

Of course Conan was not going to do the stunt again as he was injured from before , the stunt is left in the film as it happens and all fans can see what really happened on set . It's quite crazy when you watch the film as you see the stunt and you go wow! Then as Conan Lands he gets up and says I'm fine and gives chase . Of course this filmed a while after .

One review I read said because of Conan's injury he was doubled a lot after the stunt in the film, I for one can see very little of this ,Not in the fighting stakes at least.

Conan said his injuries should have been far worse ,but mostly they where terrible bruising of course this is nasty but when you watch the scene you think he could have died.

I think people have been very harsh on the film as a whole , look at the Bus Station fight ,it's as exciting as the end fight in the first film for sure. May be the comedy element was not as polished as before and I must admit some of the jokes where not as funny as the ones in the original.

But watch this and say you did not have fun doing so ,then I say you Don't like Hong Kong cinema.

Score out of Ten = A entertaining 7

Review Date 24-08-11

Sertes Nake


                            Alternative Artwork and Posters
UK early VHS release 
 Hong Kong DVD
 Thai Poster
                                           Cast and Credits


  Liu Chia-Liang
  Cheung Lai-Ling 
  Kelvin Wong Ho-Yee
Action Directors
  Liu's Stuntmen Association
  Chan Yat-Yin
  Oscar Lam Wai-Kin
  Xiong Xin-Xin
  Ridley Tsui Bo-Wah


  Danny Lee Sau-Yin ... Sgt Lam Yik Lim
  Conan Lee Yuen-Ba ... Buffalo
  Ellen Chan Nga-Lun ... Sweet Dream
  Roy Cheung Yiu-Yeung ... Killer
  Maria Cordero ... Maria
  James Wong Jim ... Chief Insp Jim Wong
  Gordon Liu Chia-Hui ... Lau Fai
  Norman Chu Siu-Keung ... Captain Chui Siu Tao
  Margaret Lee Din-Long ... Meng
  Robert Mak Tak-Law ... Siu Meng
  John Cheung Ng-Long ... Cheung
  Melvin Wong Gam-San ... Melvin [cameo]
  Phillip Ko Fei ... Hawker [cameo]
  Wilson Tong Wai-Shing ... Hitman
  Oscar Lam Wai-Kin    
  Mark Houghton ... Mark
  Ken Goodman ... Fai's man at saloon
  Brad Kerner ... Drug buyer
  Hon Lai-Fan    
  James Ha Chim-Si ... thug fighting in bar
  Xiong Xin-Xin    
  Cheng Chi-Ho     
  Irene Brito ... Loel
  Carol Lee Yee-Ha    
  Ridley Tsui Bo-Wah ... pickpocket
  Chim Bing-Hei    
  Unknown Stuntman  ... extra
  Wong Man-Shing    
  Gam Lau    






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