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            The Martial Arts Show 2011 NEC Birmingham UK

May 7th and 8th 2011
2011 poster for TMAS Live
                            Other Poster for the 2011 TMAS

    A array of Martial Talent Drops in on the NEC- 7th May 2011 

TMAS Live 2011 7th & 8th of May

Snakes View

The Martial arts Show live in Birmingham NEC UK on the 7th and 8th of May 2011 saw many of the countries leading martial artists come together with martial artists from around the World.

With Star guests appearing such as the Queen of Martial arts Cynthia Rothrock, Super-kicker Bill''Superfoot'' Wallace and Legendary Karate Champion Joe Lewis.

Joining them where a host of Instructors and students from across the country to put on displays,offer workshops and Seminars for those that got in the thick of it.

Now K.I.T.G. Had originally planned for a two day visit ,but due to other events happening our visit consisted of venturing on the Birmingham NEC in the UK on the 7th of May.

After a early start and a couple of train journeys fellow Member ''Cloudtoe'' and myself arrived early to get settled in to what would be a packed filled day.

It was evident from the start that the display teams had made a early start and where getting ready ,10am arrived and the waiting crowd that had become quite large where let in to the venue. ( it gave time for breakfast fill) .

Entering the allocated Hall the show had it seemed a lot smaller then I originally thought ,the show took a while to start off with the announcers coming on stage to announce the show and we where treated to a opening display by some martial artists (now way of telling where they came from as all stage display acts (from what we saw) where wearing TMAS tops .It was quite good but they had trouble getting the music started and one poor girl who had started her routine to silence was then bombarded by sound ,which through her out momentary. ( maybe they should have let her finish her display ,people need to focus ,more so on stage) .


Action from the Stage(above)

After a look around at the stalls and the many platforms they had set up with various display teams taking to the platforms to show off their arts, on offer was a array of Ninjitsu,Wing Chun,Jiujitsu and more. They had a MMA cage set up,but we did not see any action within the cage except when A interview was going on with MMA star Ross Pearson.

 One of the many Tatami's with demo's (above)

Ross Pearson in the Cage                                      The Vendors


 There a nice bunch of Weapons!

Wandering round Cloudtoe wanted to punch the Punching machine which the TMAS girls where grabbing people for ,so after he paid them his fee he set about punching this bag as hard as he could ,you know he just wanted the picture with the girls that I took.

Not to be outdone I stepped up to the challenge and did OK ''Not beating Cloudtoes score ,but then he is twice my weight,remember I;m The Snake ,snakes don't weigh much..After another photo we where on our way.

There was one zone (the Fitness Zone where people could go on a blitz with some Kickboxers ,there was one girl who by herself entered and was put through a routine of Sit-ups,Squats on a crash mat ,punching techniques on pads and on a Throwing dummy ,and she looked worse for wear I must say ,Cloudote looked at me and said i'm tempted ,i said hoo lots of people watching .

The Fitness Zone (above)

Anyway twelve O'clock and we had a Seminar booked (I had booked a few ,but with so much to see ,some had to give) So we head over to the seminar zone which they had concealed away from the crowds (which was quite nice) ,Searching for the changing rooms was a no no as they where not there .( Even asking a representative only confused the guy) .So off to the Toilets to change ,where everyone was doing the same.

Getting back to the seminar zone we enter our first seminar with Bill ''Superfoot ''Wallace ( before we go in we clock Joe Lewis talking to some fans ( Unfortunately we never saw him again) on the mat which was quite packed everyone gathered round to be greeted by Bill and off we where straight into some warm ups and quite extreme stretching on the floor ,standing up I new this was gonna be good by the way my legs felt like they had been in a war and I had not even started yet,

Next Bill had doing leg exercises which involved us keeping our legs off the floor in a kick position for a minute or so at a time with three rounds of this the participating party where at times cringing as Bill went round politely shouting at them to keep their legs up .

Now the next section saw us working the same leg ( Bill Wallace uses one side ,hence his title Superfoot and not Superfeet) ,this time we we had to do kicking combinations for a minute without putting your leg down and three rounds of this was on the cards to .

After this I could see on everyone’s faces the thought of the pain in their legs (It's only Lactic acid you Know).

It was now that we would see the power of the Superfoot,Bill grabbed one of the party from the class and set about demoing a kicking routine again off the same leg ,it was quite awesome to see this guy I have watched in films and in competition videos perform these lighting fast techniques in front of you ,what's more amazing Bill is 65 now .

The class went on with Bill instructing us in alternate kicks and his unique style. The class ended with everyone having picked something up and at the same time had a good workout to.

Afterwards those lucky enough got to grab Bill for a photo as he had a schedule to keep (just so happens Cloudtoe and myself where lucky) Bill had been in the country a week or so and had been around doing seminars around the UK.

It was a pleasure to meet him and actually get to train with him ,and I hope in the future the occasion arises again.

Now it was like 1'0clock or so We had to get to see Cynthia Rothrock at her meet and Greet schedule ,we did have another seminar booked at 1.15 with Silvio Simac the Taekwondo Champion and screen fighter who starred with Jet Li in ''Danny the Dog''.

The Silvio Simac Seminar (above)

But after the last seminar we needed a rest (been up since 5.30am and Cloudtoe had been out on the binge till 2.30) getting over to the meet with Cynthia ,Professional photos where being done ,after a chinwag we decided to get a proper photo done with Cynthia.

A small studio had been set up and we waited outside (not to long though) Cloudtoe went to have his done first and I was just outside ,going in I turned to Cynthia and said hi,she looked at me and looked as though she new me 'I said Germany last year and she new who I was which took me back a bit and was pretty cool.

After having the photo done which she signed I said we'll see her later on her seminar.

Lucky enough wandering about Cloudtoe spotted Silvio Simac and we got a photo opportunity which was cool to .( pictures below)

Cynthia Rothrock on stage 

Now with some time till Cynthia's seminar we stayed around for her interview on stage while we got some beverage .

Their where some really good Philippine stick fighting going on in competition form which was good to watch and Jiujitsu demo's.


Philippine Stick Fighting (The Tournament Zone above) 

But time waits for no man and 3'0clock was near and we made our way over to the seminar zone. A few had turned up and a other seminar was concluding . Cynthia appears with her bodyguard as she walks over to the seminar zone she clocks me and walks over and starts chatting about the seminar in Germany ,as to what she did .She said she'll try and change it a bit.

Cloudtoe turns around and says' what’s going on 'she wants to talk to you now, I said well she's my mate.

On the Mat and there were a lot of us ,she said right she could teach us a Shaolin Form ,stretching or Screen fighting (which I fancied for a laugh,though I don't mind forms ,though Cloudtoe is No form Man) To a vote of hands I was amazed when Stretching won,OK stretching is good ,but I had been stretched by Bill Wallace earlier and I though I might snap in half..

Then one other guy suggested she mix it up a bit ,funny really as the guy is a friend on facebook and I kinda recognized him but was not sure where from ( he would have Not known me as I was not wearing a Ninja Mask)

 A Seminar with Cynthia Rothrock (above and below)


Anyway Cynthia went about stretching us out with some quite nasty stretches ,which work well but first time round can be hard, Luckily some I knew from Germany and had been using them since then ,but others where new to me as well ,the look on some peoples faces was a blinder as you all just get down and do it .Cynthia did start to talk about screen fighting but with just 55 minutes it was over and she had promised to sign some autographs and take photos' for those that missed her scheduled meet and greet.

Cloudtoe and I got changed back into our normal clothes and had a walk around ,we went to Cynthia's signing but the queues where long and wandered off. We did return and the show was coming to a end and Cynthia was still there ,a couple of people where waiting and so I decided to get one of her signed Photo's ,which was cool ,because of what she wrote on it .

It was funny there was one guy in the queue which made me laugh ,some guy walks up to him and says ''who's that mate anybody I should Know,This guys goes 'it's Cynthia Rothrock mate ,he went who ,Martial arts film star Cynthia Rothrock ,this guy looked baffled and walked of ,this other guy goes into one ,''come to a Martial arts show and Don't know who Cynthia Rothrock is ! ,he must have just walked in of the street and not know Martial arts .

People forget if your in your teens or early twenties and do do martial arts ,you may not have heard of her. Cloudtoe and I are Old Gits ,where at least 30.

It was also a opportunity for another Photo with Cynthia still in her Gi,(having not changed ) she asked if I was here the next day ,but i said no because of the Terracotta festival in London (which she had been asked to attend as well but was committed to TMAS) She did say about a big event in Germany this year coming up late in the year and would I be there ,i said I don't know really ,that we'll have to wait and see. We said goodbye and Cloudtoe and myself had a last wander before we left.

So there we have it ,TMAS 2011 ,quite good all round of course the highlights for me was to see Cynthia Rothrock again and meeting Bill Wallace and taking part in his seminar ,which was blistering, of course it was a shame not to get to meet Joe Lewis (after our brief glimpse of him) this was due to the different meets and Greets and Seminars clashing, In two days you could have done it ,but not everyone can do both days. Maybe better scheduling of the times for the stars could have worked out better, because to be honest most go to these events to meet the stars and train with them ,other parts are a bonus if you get to partake in them.

So next year time being on my side ( this does not mean I'm gonna pop my cotton socks any-time soon) I will go both days ,and it also depends on who's appearing ,but i'm sure that TMAS will do us proud and try and better this year. I do know that Richard Norton wanted to come but had prior engagements..So who knows maybe next year ,but then 2012 is a tricky one with the Olympics happening and two weeks after TMAS 2012 the SENI Show takes place in London at the Excel,which is a bigger show.

Maybe TMAS will get some proper changing rooms set up to ,with a slightly better arrangement it could be unstoppable in the coming years . A larger stage area for artists and a fully booked stage programme with seating for those who want to watch . Of course they would need a bigger Hall ,maybe half as much again.

But I'm sure with with the way the stars where received,they will come back and get others to come along to. So on the 12th and 13th of May 2012 we hope to attend another great show ,hopefully with added improvements ( like a Martial art you always learn new maneuvers and improvements are made through learning)

This is The Snake

Thank you.


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 Seminar pictures courtesy of Koku-Ryu Karate

                             Snake and Cloudtoe at TMAS 2011

Snake gives it large aT TMAS 2011

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