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        The Martial Arts show Live 2012 - The Photo's
Above is the poster for the 2012 Martial arts show live  held at the Birmingham NEC and in it's fourth year.. Due to many circumstances the show suffered some major setbacks this year compared to the quite exceptional show of last year.
See Blog for more on it's problems this year.
But in the end the show has always been about the martial artists and the stars of Martial arts that appear at the show each year. below is a selection of photo's from the shows display teams ,and the Bill Wallace seminar. 
It's these people that we are celebrating here on this page and NOT the actual problems of the event ,so enjoy.
Feel free to copy any pictures ,you may be in for your own use,and don't forget to visit the photo gallery page for a even larger selection of shots from the show.
                            A Montage of shots from the show.

                                         The Display Teams
 American Kenpo is one art that is glorious to watch  ,with it's devastating blows and technique.
 AKIDO (below)
 Members of Sensei Peter Brown's Akido club.
We will be doing a feature on Akido on site in the future.
Sensei Brown in action on the left of this picture
Taekwondo at TMAS 2012
This Gentlemen demonstrated a whole range of technique  from Forms (poomse) Traditional Taekwondo Kicks ,One step sparring and self defense. I actually felt Knackered for him just watching.
Watch this space more to come ,Shaloin Monks,Kung Fu and More.
                    The Bill Wallace Seminar - Saturday the 12th May

The Brilliant Mr Bill ''Superfoot'' Wallace was back this year for two days of the show, I was lucky enough to take his seminar last year and must admit i have taken on board what he taught me. 

This year i took a outside view and watched his teachings from the side line, This is one man who gives his all when teaching and the students who took part had a thoroughly good time. Here are some stills from the seminar on Saturday. 


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