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Top Ten Film Special

A.P. Cloudtoe

Martial Artist / Kick'em in the Ghoulies Site Moderator / Assisstant editor / Film buff / Axe Man.

So our first Top Ten for Films goes live, our  afficinado here is A.P. Cloudtoe, site Moderator, contributor,and assistant editor.
A man of many means, A lifelong martial artist, film buff, and Science Fiction fan.
They often call him a one man army, but this may because he carries a Axe. 

As stealthy as they come, bam and he's upon you.

So without further ado here is Cloudtoe's Top Ten Fight Films in order and in his own words. Apart from two titles which I changed to their original ones as the ones chosen by the American releasing companies chose conflicting titles with other media.

I am gonna count them down in order, so that the suspense of the number one slot will be a scroll away.

A.P. Cloudtoe's Top Ten Fight Films

10) Kung Fu Hustle  - Stephen Chow Sing Chi - 2004

Fun fight scene showing different Kung Fu styles to comical effect. The axe gang chose the wrong town to mess with. Its full of Kung Fu masters.

9) Old Boy - Choi Min-sik - 2003


Gritty fight scene tough old boy fighting his way through alley tiring but never giving up.


8) Tom-Yum-Goong - Tony Jaa - 2005

Moral here is don't mess with an elephant Tony Jaa doesn't like it. One man against mutiple opponents. Knees elbows a plenty.

Released as The Protector in Western Regions

7) Ong Bak - Tony Jaa - 2003

Great homage to traditional Thai boxing style beating differing styles. Kicks, head butts, elbows and knees everywhere.


6) The Raid Redemption - 2011 - Iko Uwais

This one of my favourite fight scenes. I am never gonna under estimate a little fella again. This looks like fighting for real. Top film.

5) The Raid 2 -Berandal - Iko Uwais -2014

Best fight scene in a kitchen you ever gonna see. You can feel every hit. 

4) SPL Sha Po Long - Donnie Yen / Sammo Hung - 2005

Fight scene between Donnie Yen and  Wu Jing, who are both good friends. In this scene they were apparently messing around seeing who could hit the other one first and it made the final edit. I am glad it did.

Released as KIIL ZONE  in Western Regions


3) IP MAN - Donnie Yen / Simon Yam - 2008


One man taking on 10 karate black belts. Who will win ? Well if that man is IP man we know the answer. 


2) Once Upon a Time in China 2 - Jet Li / Donnie Yen - 1992

Donnie Yen against Jet Li fighting with sticks. Its obviously going to be good.


1) Fist of Legend - Jet Li / Yasuaki Kurata - 1994


Jet Li bit of Kung Fu mixed with boxing, slipping and hitting and couple of kicks for good measure.


The Top Ten Above was submitted in October 2021 . 

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