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Top Ten Film Collections

Yes a new feature on site,here we look at our favourite Top Tens. 
Now these are not just any Top Ten films.
Each catergory has been chosen carefully to showcase a particular style of film within the genres we concentrate on at Kick'em in the Ghoulies.

So this is a section that will grow over time as it's not just my own choices, but hopefully I will get the community on here, and on our social network portals involved.

And first up is a Top Ten of choice  by Site Moderator and Reviewer A.P. Cloudtoe.
As we move on we will see out Top Ten Shaw Brothers films, Golden Harvest, and so on. We want to find out what your top ten films are, and any member of the site, our Facebook page, or followers on either of our Twitter feeds can get involved by emailing their Top Ten films list to me here at Kick'em in the Ghoulies.

The only criteria is that the film focuses on Asian cinema or if it's a Western production that it has some element of Martial arts or a Oriental theme and that you give a brief summery of why you chose each particular film. . I think that gives a vast spectrum of titles and genres across the board whilst still keeping within the criteria of the site.

Each Top Ten will get its own page linked in the list below. And of course your be credited in any way thats possible .

So below is the list of our Top Tens. Just scroll through to select the Top Ten you wish to view and click the title. If you have submitted a Top Ten we can credit you by name, username you use on the Web, A Twitter badge, Instagram account, or facebook. Please supply a picture for your profile on the page, it can be of yourself or a emblem as long as it will not offend anyone. 

Email your submissions to 


Top Ten Film Collections
  October 2021
 December 2021
Kick'em in the Ghoulies Top Ten Fight Films by Sertes Nake
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