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Welcome to our new page where your find the reviews listed for all TV Drama's , that's not to say that these reviews are of non action orientated entertainment.

With TV Drama's whether they be Chinese,Korean,Japanese or Western your find that  the episodic style lends it self to character development.

Of course like all TV shows some episodes will feature more action then others. It's here that your find your fill of climatic battles ,betrayal , cliffhanger endings and big surprises.

Some series are lengthy  40-50 episodic stories end to end. Others are shorter series of 10- 20 episodes per season ,meaning your have to wait till the next season to find out what happens.

We have some great drama's from China ,USA  to be starting with and will expand to other regions of the world as time goes on. .

With end to end drama's we watch all episodes before we review and with season based drama's we will review each season after watching the final episode.
TV Drama Reviews - China / Hong Kong
 Number of Episodes
 Gods of Lost Fantasy - end  to end
 Fifty Two (52)
 Twenty (20)
  Thirty Two  (32)
The Longest Day in Chang'An - end to end
  Review Shorlty
 Chen Zhen Legend of the Fist
 Currently viewing series 
 Novoland Eagle Flag  - end to end
 Review in Progress

Currently in the process of watching :

Chen Zen - Legend of the Fist with Jordan Chan playing the protagonist made famous by Bruce Lee.

Chen Zen is the fictional character played by Bruce Lee in Fist of Fury ( a student of real life Legendary Martial artist Hou Yuanjia) , Jordan Chan plays Chen Zen whose on the run from the Japanese with Huo Dongjie ,the young son of Huo Yuanjia.

Review as soon as the series has been concluded .

Available on Amazon Prime video

 The Longest Day in Chang'An is a episodic drama set in Ancient China and the city of Chang'An. It's a unique piece of storytelling , but not a idea that has not been done before. The whole story takes place in a 24 hour period. It's a basically a detective thriller where the Peacekeepers of the time must solve and apprehend the culprits that tend to destroy the current Government. 

The Time frame gives the story it's tense atmosphere but it's the culminating plot twists that will keep you thinking for all 48 episodes .

This is a end to end drama and is available on Amazon Prime video now.

TV Drama Reviews - USA
Number of Episodes
The Warrior
  Review shortly

The Warrior is the result of some hard work by the Bruce Lee Foundation and Shannon Lee to get the writings of Bruce Lee's Kung Fu Western on the silver screen as Bruce Lee Intended. After he was bamboozled into thinking of the idea only to be stabbed in the back by the Studios who thought he was to Chinese to play the role and gave the role to non Chinese American David Carradine  in a poor adaptation of how Bruce's version would have gone.

TV Drama Reviews - Europe
Number of Episodes
  Tweleve  (12)
Street Fighter Assassins Fist is the brainchild of Director and Writers Joey Ansah and Christian Howard who after striking a deal with Capcom made what is considered the best Street Fighter Movie ever.

Street Fighter Resurrection is Joey Ansah's Mini web series set before Assassins Fist 
TV Drama Reviews - South Korea
 Number of Episodes
 Nine  (9)

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