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                              Film Review
      Undisputed 2 'Last Man Standing'

Starring : Michael Jai White , Scott Adkins,Ben Cross

Directed By: Issac Florentine


copyright© 2006 Millennium Films / Nu Image Films/ New Line Cinema

Undisputed 2 is the sequel to the first film from 2002 which starred Wesley Snipes and Ving Rhames.Now in the first film Ving Rhames played George ''the Iceman'' Chambers a world champion Boxer who is accused of rape and sentenced to Prison it's in there that he discovers a world of inter prison fighting and one he will get involved in against it's own Champion 'Munroe'(Snipes).

Now the character of Chambers is actually based on champion Fighter Mike Tyson ,who in the first film was the bad guy,here in the sequel Ving Rhames is replaced by Michael Jai White who takes the role of Chambers .

Now out of prison Chambers is doing promotional work in the Russia when he is framed when drugs are planted in his Hotel room.Now charged with possession of drugs Chambers is sent to one of Russia's toughest prisons and it's there he discovers a racket of underground fighting involving mixed martial arts.

Amazed by his incarceration ,Chambers is sure he will be out before breakfast but it's not going to happen ,we all know why he's here ,the prison systems underground fighting is heavily bet on and televised ,plus the prisons current champion  a hard nosed Russian named Uri Boyka  is a powerhouse of pain and one with a attitude .

Chambers adviser ,Phil who is supposed to be getting him out does not seem to be pulling the strings he should fast enough.Chambers is ridiculed and confronted by the they all know who he is.

In prison Chambers is shacked up with a man called Steven Parker who basically has lost all hope of life and become a drug addict.Slowly they become friends as Chambers steps in when Parker is being beaten which leads to a confrontation between Chambers and Boyka.

It comes to light that if Chambers was to fight his stay would be easier and shorter ,at first Chambers refuses as he does not want to be part of the shambolic beatings going on in the ring.Of course this all changes when he is given shit duties and i mean shit ,as he is sent to shovel out the prisons sewage day after day.

Now it's here that he meets Crot a aging crippled man in a wheelchair ,apparently once a very hard man and KGB officer  imprisoned for murder ,Crot lives like a recluse in the prison keeping himself away from the other inmates.Luckily for Chambers Crot ends up saving Chambers from more beating and humiliation by installing  some common sense  in to him.

Chambers also learns that Crot actually trained Boyka  in his fighting art .

When one day fight promoter / gangster Gaga comes to prison to help persuade Chambers to fight ,but still Chambers refuses ,but when his own friend Phil appears in on the deal Chambers goes ballistic threatening Phil .It seems Chambers will have no choice ,if he wants out he will have to fight. 

Now as agreeing to the fight ,Chambers gets in to to training with the aid of Parker ,training in his boxing techniques while Boyka goes through devastating kicks and grappling moves .As the two cross paths the tension grows until the day of the fight.

Meanwhile Crot has been keeping a close eye on Chambers ,so it's all set the bets have been made and all Chambers has to do is to win and he'll be on his way,but the Prison officials and promoters have made sure things go in their favor by getting Chambers corner man (Parker) to Drug him with a dodgy bottle of water .

In the ring the Boyka claims he will beat Chambers at his own game,using only his fists.But the first round takes both by surprise when Chambers feels the force of Boyka's relentless pummeling ,but in a moment Chambers gets back and gives Boyka a series of combination's to send him homeward bound.At the end of the round the two return to their corners ,it is here that good old Parker gives Chambers the drugged water.

Second round and Boyka is not playing by the rules anymore ,he comes out punching ,kicking and flipping giving Chambers a series of deadly blows,by now the drug infected water is taking effect and Chambers is unsteady on his feet.As Chambers tries to hit Boyka he is out of range and out of mind leaving himself open for attack from all sides.

In a devastating  beating Chambers is knocked to the floor as Boyka unleashes his attack.Out cold Chambers awakens to find himself on his back not knowing what went on.Crot reveals that he was drugged with dodgy water ,Chambers gets to his feet and heads for Parker to confront him for this dastardly deed. 

Arriving at his cell Chambers finds Parker hanging from his neck ,with a note saying sorry.What makes matters worse is their not letting him out as the deal was for him to win (somehow a hard one to pull off when the people that want you to win drug you so you don't).

Chambers is mad and heads for Boyka calling him a sissy for drugging him,truth is Boyka did not know but Chambers not having that a confrontation begins that ends up with Chambers being taken to the Bar.( I thought oh there gonna get him drunk Now,no no the Bar is a metal Bar outside that Chambers will be tied up to and left) Oh and it's snowing and they not giving him a coat.

Meanwhile Boyka is out for answers and when he finds the men responsible for the drugging of Chambers he strikes them down ,proclaiming they have dishonored the fighting spirit of Warriors like himself and Chambers.

Outside in the cold fellow inmates start to share some respect for Chambers brash stand up attitude against Boyka ,they start to feed him and clothe him in warm garments whilst he's tied up.Of course this does not last long once the warden finds out who swiftly strips Chambers and asks who is responsible.But when nearly half the prison own up the warden tells them they can stay outside to and F***ing freeze to death .

Boyka is distraught at the  shenanigans that's been going on ,when Gaga arrives to see Chambers ,he promises if he does a rematch he will get out ,Chambers agrees on one condition,that Gaga gets warm coats for the inmates ,which he obliges.

This time Chambers will need to more on the ball ,new found friend Crot tells Chambers he will teach him to fight like Boyka ,utilizing his feet and elbows .So over the coming days the two camps train hard ,Chambers learns new training methods like  locks and throws ,while Boyka trains with two and three or four men at a time .

The night of the match ,Crot or Nikolai as he wants Chambers to call him tells Chambers that if he has to to win the match that he must cripple or permanently harm Boyka.

In the ring the fight starts off with a flurry from both side with each opponent vying for the crown by performing one devastating blow after another ,But Boyka's resilience is to strong for Chambers to knock him out,even when Chambers thinks he has ended it Boyka comes back with as much fur-fore and anger as at the start .In a series of kicks spins and evasive strikes it comes down to both parties having each-other in a leg hold ,and the only way for Chambers to win is to take out Boyka's Knee.

Proclaimed the winner and new Champion Chambers is released ,Gaga gives him is cut of the winnings with which he goes back to the warden to buy the freedom of Nikolai (Crot) so he may reconcile with his niece he has never seen.

The film ends with Nikolai and Chambers at the train station ,once Nikolai meets his niece ,Chambers walks of in to the distance .

Now from a story point of view the film is nothing new ,in fact take the first film and it's the same ,the only thing is our villain from the first film is our hero in the second ,but what is a bonus is the fighting is marvelously done as martial artist and action film director Issac Florentine proves once again his ability to film stunning fight action that keeps you exhilarated throughout.

Michael Jai White once again proves his prowess on screen and Scott Adkins is top notch as the Russian Boyka. As a fun filled action fest this film is well worth more then one viewing and sits high at the top of the list on Western fight films.

And if you need more of a fix of Michael Jai White or Scott Adkins i suggest you check out Blood and Bone and Ninja .Then check out Issac Florentine's third film in the series 'Undisputed 3 Redemption again starring Scott Adkins.

Score out of Ten = 8

Review Date: 06-10-10   


Stills from the film

The Iceman gets framed


What the Hell am i doing here?

The Resident Fighter ,Boyka Looks none to happy .


Confrontation begins ,but at what price?

Man it's cold out here!


Chambers looks on as Boyka gets ready to rumble


This time things will be different.


Alternate covers and Posters
Michael Jai White ...
George Chambers

Scott Adkins ...
Uri Boyka

Ben Cross ...
Steven Parker

Eli Danker ...

Mark Ivanir ...

Ken Lerner ...

Daisy Lang ...

Silvio Simac ...

Ivaylo Geraskov ...
Alexi (as Ivailo Geraskov)

Valentin Ganev ...
Warden Markov

Atanas Srebrev ...

Michail Elenov ...
Sergei (as Miahail Elenov)

Velizar Binev ...

George Zlatarev ...
Bald Inmate (as Georgy Zlatarev)

Ruslan Kupenov ...
Dark Haired Inmate
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