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     This is The One  - Utada Hikaru

 copyright © 2009 Island Def Jam

The one thing that strikes you when listening to this is compared to her Japanese language albums she has not lost any of her magic.

From the opening song *Come Back To Me with it's very classical opening which instantly grabs your the classic *Merry Christmas Mr,Lawrence which is done with a new edge to the Sublime * Apple and Cinnamon which will have you hooked and a converted Utada Fan.

Two tracks after this your treated to the title song *This one and you know you have purchased music heaven .Each and every track is a joy to hear even when it gets more up beat compared to the earlier ballads .*Automatic part II is a brilliant fast paced tune and a sequel to the Japanese Automatic on her first album.

So is if your into people who can actually sing you can not go far wrong buying Utada's latest album.And i assure you this will be playing whenever you have the chance .








                                                 Track List
1. "Come Back to Me"   Utada, M.S. Eriksen, T.E. Hermansen Stargate, Utada, Sking U 3:56
2. "Me Muero"   Utada, Eriksen, Hermansen Stargate, Utada, Sking U 3:25
3. "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence - FYI"   Utada, Eriksen, Hermansen, Ryuichi Sakamoto Stargate, Utada, Sking U 3:49
4. "Apple and Cinnamon"   Utada, Eriksen, Hermansen Stargate, Utada, Sking U 4:38
5. "Taking My Money Back"   Utada, C. "Tricky" Stewart Stewart, Utada, Sking U 3:12
6. "This One (Crying Like a Child)"   Utada, Eriksen, Hermansen Stargate, Utada, Sking U 4:30
7. "Automatic Part II"   Utada, S. Hall, Stewart Stewart, Sean K., Utada, Kuk Harrell 3:00
8. "Dirty Desire"   Utada, Stewart Stewart, Utada, Kuk Harrell, Sking U 3:51
9. "Poppin'"   Utada, Eriksen, Hermansen Stargate, Utada, Sking U 3:31
10. "On and On"   Utada, Hall, Stewart Sean K., Stewart, Utada 3:25



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