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    Video Game Top Ten's

Welcome to our home page for the sites Top Ten fighters on each of the individual systems.  Our Resident Games expert has been busy playing games to bring you these  in-depth articles.

Our Resident Games Expert ,Bruno Bagdzius has been a avid games-player since the early 80's and has experience with many format's and Genre's.

Though here we concentrate on the Beat'em up Genre .He has a diverse passion for all games and has written a couple of reviews for our sister site Shoot'em in the Head as well. 


So here below are the links for the pages for each of the Top Ten Martial Inspired Video Games on each system that .Some i review on the pages ,others are just logged. Videos are provided if available.

Atari Jaguar   - 1993 - 1996

Atari JAGUAR  - Find out what JAGUAR fighters there are for you to enjoy


NEO GEO CD - it may not be the mighty AES but the games are cheaper to find in the CD format.




NEO GEO Pocket - Neo's little pocket hand held was a cool piece of kit and was host to loads of cool fighting games.Shame it did not last as the mighty Gameboy from Nintendo was to much for it.


Nintendo  - SNES - Super Nintendo Entertainment System - yes another top performer from Nintendo which was home to the best version of Street fighter at the time.



Nintendo 64 - this cartridge based system was home to a few good Brawlers.

Nintendo Gamecube  - 2001  to 2007

Nintendo GameCube - Nintendo's little Box was quite good for fighters and with a clip on screen you could take it anywhere. 



Nintendo Wii - bang up to date ,fighting games have not been the same with Nintendo's motion controls.(God i need a Rest)


Nintendo- Advance / DS/DSi - a look at some good fighters for Nintendo's handhelds.


SEGA MegaDrive - Sega's most successful console that sold millions has a plethora of titles to discover.


SEGA Saturn - Sega's follow up to the Megadrive may not have sold as well in the face of Sony's Playstation ,but it had some brilliant fighters on and some landmark ones too.

Sega Dreamcast - 1998  -  2002

SEGA Dreamcast - Sega's last console had so many good fighters on it .It was hard to keep up with them all.Many are only available on import though.Not to worry though as the Dreamcast plays most things you throw at it with a little help.



SEGA RINGEDGE - some say the once fallen will return to take back what Sony took from them ,in anticipation we wait and if true ,Sega may be great once again.


SEGA GAMEGEAR -Sega's foray in to the hand held market was pretty good with it's back lit screen and full colour graphics,but the size of the item and it's thirst for power was the end of it against Nintendo's monochrome display pocket size opponent. 



Sinclair Spectrum - before console's we played on computers ,this in the UK was by far the most popular and cheapest to buy for.Hell some people buy a newspaper a day 'i used to buy a Spectrum game a day.

Sony Playstation  - 1995 -2000 / PSONE -2000 -2005

Sony Playstation - Sony entered the battle when Nintendo let them down and took over gaming with there cut throat marketing and deals.




Sony Playstation 2- Sony's second machine was the death of Sega's console career as everyone waited to purchase this pricey piece of kit at the time over the more reasonable Dreamcast,due to many third party publishers avoiding or not properly supporting Sega.




Sony Playstation 3 - Sony's third iteration in to gaming has not been as popular ,as fronting Bluray they thought it would sell bucket loads .But not everyone wants to spend £25.00 on a film you can buy for £10.00 on DVD.


XBOX - Microsoft's big brick was another reason Sega quit as this upcoming box with it's built in hard-drive would give Sony a run for it's money and not do any favors to Nintendo's CUBE which was released at the same time . 

Microsoft XBOX 360  - 2005 - Present

XBOX 360 -Microsoft's follow up to the brick was a surprise as many thought the XBOX had not had a chance to shine before being knocked on the head.But with it's failure rate and early melting of game discs,it was not easy for this new kid in town.


XBOX 720 - the follow up to the now popular 360 now they have there problems behind them.Many wait to see what Microsoft will pull from under the carpet.


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