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Where's Officer Tuba?  -- 1986


Here's a film that escaped me until now, This classic Sammo Hung flick from 1986 is a fun thrilling thrill ride with many laughs along the way.

In this film, Sammo Hung plays an officer in the Royal Hong Kong police force, who is actually part of the police band and has no intention of doing real police work.

Now his buddy who lives with him played by Jacky Cheung is a Cadet who has just passed to being a fully-fledged officer. Now Jacky is up for getting in the thick of it and when he is assigned a filing job he is most disgruntled. 

Now it just happens that a rich businessman is being blackmailed by some hoodlums and the Officer on the job'' Magnum'' played here by legendary actor David Chiang decides when Jacky intervenes. That they should get someone who does not look like a policeman to deliver the money the blackmailers are asking for. Sammo ''officer Tuba ''is put forward for the job.

But when Magnum fools Tuba into delivering the money by telling him it's to get a girlfriend's lover of his back Tuba agrees.


Of course, it's just so that Tuba can be used as bait so Magnum can catch the Crooks. But when the deal goes sour and Tuba is confronted by a bunch of guys he freezes and hides. 

In to the fray Magnum steps. He ends up battling the bad guys only to be Murdered by them while Tuba looks on. But before he dies He makes Tuba promise him to catch the bad guys and bring them to justice.

Now Tuba being Tuba he has no intention of doing so because he feels he is not cut out for this and is only interested in playing the Tuba. 

What in-sues is Magnum coming back to haunt Tuba to convince him to face his fears and bring the bad guys to justice? Now, Jacky is all for nabbing the crooks who wants to help Tuba do the right thing. What happens is Tuba is transferred from the band after making a mockery of Magnums Remembrance service 'which is caused by Magnums Ghost''.Tuba is also in a relationship with his new girlfriend played by Joey Wong.

But when MAGNUM makes a fool of Tuba in front of Joey's parents he has to decide to confront his fears and catch the crooks so that he can live a ghost-free life.


 What we have here is classic 80's action from the golden age of Hong Kong cinema.

What is also amazing is the all-star cast apart from the main crew we have the likes of Melvin Wong, Lam Ching Ying in cameo roles, and Hwang Jung Lee as one of the hoods Sammo has to battle. 

This for me was wonderful to see Sammo and Hwang go at it foot to fist. Along with a good helping of comedy to break up the action, some of which had me in hysteria. I can not recommend this title enough because as a helping of Hong Kong action you won't be disappointed.

The film was directed by Lau Koon Wai & Phillip Chan, produced by Sammo Hung, Dickson Poon, and Melvin Wong, and produced on the D&B label. Which was a company set up by Sammo with Dickson Poon.The Distribution was handled by Golden Harvest.

Riveting entertainment all around.

     Review By : The Snake    


Review Page update: October 2021


Sammo Hung Kam Bo

Martial artist / Director / Actor /Producer / Choreogapher / One of the Seven Little Fortunes

World renowned Action Director and Star, has starred / Directed or choreographed over two hundred films.
Sammo Hung has been repsonsible for some of the best fight action films of the past fifty years. He has  taken helm alongside stars such as Jackie Chan, Yuen Biao, Donnie Yen, Angela Mao, and many more.


David Chiang

Martial artist / Actor

One of the Shaw Brothers leading lights back in the 70s. David Chiang alongside Ti Lung, and Chen Kuen Tai was one of the big three earners at Shaws, especially in the early 70s.
He was also known as the only actor to never take of his shirt when fighting. For more on David Chiang go to our Shaw Brothers feature page.


Sammo Hung Kam Bo
Jacky Cheung Hok Yau
Joey Wong Tsu Hsien
David Chiang Da Wei
Chang Yi
Yuen Wah
Hwang Jang Lee
David Lo Dai Wai
Teddy Yip Wing Cho
Seung Yee
Paul Chang Chung
Paul Chun Pui
Stanley Fung Shui Fan
Tin Ching
Melvin Wong Gam San
Director :
Philip Chan Yan Kin, Ricky Lau Jun Wei

Producer :
Sammo Hung Kam Bo, Melvin Wong Gam San

Action Director :
Hung Ga Ban

Writer :
Barry Wong Ping Yiu

Production Company: D&B Films

Distributor: Golden Harvest

Year: 1986

Language: Cantonese Chinese

Subtitle: English / Chinese