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                      Wii U Art

Nintendo's Wii U console has something others don't .The ability to bring out the artist in you.Since the launch of the console and the many great black and white drawings on Miiverse ( Nintendo's social network)  that have been published by thousands of Wii U owners it seems that the goal posts have moved with the release of Art Academy Sketchpad a few weeks back. 

People have been posting some great pieces of art on the community and all created using the Wii U gamepad and Stylus. 

Now i have yet to get permission to publish other Miiverse members art but below are a few i have done myself .Now i am no artist but even i am amazed at how addictive this little APP is and it costs only £3.79.

You can't do this on your Sony or Microsoft consoles. Well not as yet anyway. But being this is so popular it could change.


 Art Academy Sketchpad is available on Nintendo eshop on Wii U

                    Basic Miiverse  Pictures in Black and White
As you can see I am no artist ,but hey you got to start somewhere.
         Pictures created with Art Academy Sketchpad on Wii U
A vast range of tools available 
Here i have taken a bit more time using the Sketchpad APP and my efforts do improve as i get used to the APP. All pictures where either published under the Sertes Nake or The Snake KITG profile on Miiverse.
 The Punch
 Masked Pooch
 Banana Mush
 Dreamcast and VMU
 In The Dojo
More Art soon.
                                Art from Other Miiverse users

A selection of Art created by some of Miiverse's real talent. All used by permission . And we dearly appreciate their contribution.

Our first contributor is ALEX 

Alex is also known as EMPTY6PACK on Miiverse now.

   ALEX   - aka EMPTY6PACK

Mario and Luigi by ALEX




 Leopard by ALEX


 Nintendo Silhouette by Alex


 Toad by Alex


 Purple Yoshi by Alex


 It's Mario in Christmas mode by Alex






 Our second contributor is BOT




 Asparagus by BOT


More from Alex,BOT and Other Miiverse users soon .


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