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The Late Soke Richard Morris

Born 21st May 1936 - Passed 15th July 2019

aka Dicky Morris

Styles : 

Aiki Jujutsu  / Juko Ryu Jiu-Jitsu


 Founder : Jui-jitsu International 
  Co -Founder : World Kobudo Federation

Soke Richard Morris was a  master of Jiu-Jitsu  who was active in the art for some Sixty odd years and was still active in the martial world up to his passing in 2019,  which in it self is a great achievement .

Richard Morris's first experience of Martial arts came when his Father and Uncle came back home after the Burma Campaign they had experienced the arts and passed on what they new to Richard.

But his first real teacher was   Professor Alf Morgan , one of the first men in the UK to be trained by Sensei Yukio Tani from Japan.

Richard Morris attained his 4th degree black belt from Professor Morgan ,he passed away some time after. 

After this he met Professor James Blundel and Robert Clarke.

Richard Morris went on to become the chairman of the British Jiu-Jitsu Association (BJJA) and the Director of the World Jiu Jitsu Federation (WJJF) in partner ship with Professor James Blundel and Robert Clarke.

Now from what I Know  Richard Morris and James Blundel eventually broke away from WJJF ,for reasons i won't go into here.

This was in 1986 when Richard Morris resigned from both posts in the WJJF and BJJA.

It was now that he set up and founded Jiu jitsu International  in a bid to bring together the best in Jiu-Jitsu ,not just in the UK ,but Worldwide.

In 1992 he co-founded the World Kobudo Federation with John Therien and Alain Sailly ,bringing together more and more World renowned masters ,he ran the UK part of the organization along with Bryan Cheek who was appointed ''International Coordinator'' they had met when Bryan got involved with Professor James Blundell ,they formed a alliance with Other Masters from Europe and Canada and the Eastern Block.

A Lasting Legacy 

Early in the 1890's Jiujitsu was becoming unfavourable in Japan due to the shifting nation and Imperial rule , many former Juijitsu Teachers took up other jobs and and the ones that did still practice their art often would not teach new students. It was a changing time , Jiujitsu was a art for the Samurai and we all know what Imperial Japan did to the legacy of the Samurai. 

It was Jigoro Kano through his revamped art of Jiujitsu which he called JUDO that would really take over as it was safer and compettion based to make it appeal to a wider audience.

But Traditional Jiujitsu teachers where still teaching their art but in smaller numbers. And because of relations between countires and oversea workers who would travel to Japan , many from the UK .
It was these old school Masters that survived and passed on their art not just to the Japanese but to Westerners and like Professor Yukio Tani  many travelled abroad to teach their art. 

If you look at how Jiujitsu started in the UK , it was fragmented. It was not till the arrival of Professor Yukio Tani and his Colleagues that it became well known and many where curious about it's fighting technique.

It is without doubt that Soke Richard Morris was fundamental to the growth of Japanese Jiujitsu in UK and Worldwide. 

If you look at many of the top class teachers of Jiujitsu of many organisations throughout the UK , many where introduced to Jiujitsu by Soke Richard Morris . 

And not just in the UK but in far of places like Russia , India and Europe.

It is without doubt that that Soke Richard Morris was the Father of Modern Day Japanese jiujitsu in the UK and Europe  and without his passion for the art it may have dissapeared and been overshadowed by other arts.


Sensei Yukio Tani  came to the UK in the late 1800's .

It's here he took residence and taught Jujutsu  in his own clubs and later at the London Budokwai. 

His style was of a Fusen- Ryu style Jujutsu. 

He paid his way by fighting in matches in London Music halls. He met Alf Morgan who was a Catch Master ( British Wrestling) , he taught him Jujutsu and it was Professor Alf Morgan who Taught Richard Morris.


A Modern Day Wong Fei Hong

Soke Morris was also adpet in Shaitsu , he really was like a modern day Wong Fei Hong. If you got hurt in training or if by chance you haapened to try and attack him , which I'm sure no one did. 

Soke Morris could put you right ,his study of the body and Shiatsu was proof. 

I know of one guy who whilst training at a session unfortunately was the bearer of a over egear training partner who thought he was in a real fight and decided it would be a good idea to go full pelt and dislocate the other guys shoulder. 

In a bit of a panic the residing Sensei who had no knowledge of what to do , hastily borrows a car of a fellow club member and proceeds to usher the injured practioner into the car .

The Sensei drives like a loonatic (not sure if he had a driving licence and he was wearing sandals) to Soke Morris house , the unconvinced practioner who thought he should go to hospital is ushered into Soke Morris house where he is laid down and held down so Soke Morris can pop that shoulder back into place , which he did. 

What's funny is this was the first meeting for that man with Soke Morris and in the end I think he said the other Sensei's driving was the more scary thing. 

Another incident is of another practioner who had a neck injury and just could turn his neck without extreme pain. After seeing a doctor who was of no help and suggested he wear a medical collar so he didn't have to turn his head for six weeks , he eventually was able to make it back to the training dojo with some help and Soke Morris performed some kind of neck realignment and within two days he was good as new. 

From Dislocations , twisted backs and even resetting someones toe nail after it came of in training Soke Morris was the UK's very own Wong Fei Hong. 


World Kobudo & Jui-jitsu International

It was in the mid to late 90's that I myself was being taught by Soke Richard Morris , then known as Hanshi Richard Morris , of course by this time in his career he was World renowned. And attending classes you where not solely taught by him but his many Black belts of various grades he  had cultured throughout the years.

His knowledge of the arts was quite astounding and could always show you something to make you go wow in awe. 

Hanshi as we called him then came across as a very likeable person.  He was always patient in teaching and never seemed to get frustrated with his students (something i have seen other Instructors do)   

From the outside anybody meeting the man outside of the training environment would never believe that this gentle looking man who would be perceived as  someones granddad on appearance was  this world renowned Juijitsu Master.

In reality when your attending classes and being trained and graded by  someone of this standing it is easily to forget how revered they really are. We would have quite a few Instructors from other clubs come along to train or do seminars purely because they wanted to train or be part of something Hanshi was offering. 

It becomes more apparent of how regarded Soke Richard Morris was when you attend a convention like myself and others did. A place where Masters from all around the world come together to teach and pass on there knowledge , it was at one of these conventions that you could see how regarded he was . 

People travelled the world  from other continents just so they could be Graded by the committee with Soke Richard Morris at the head. 
It's then you realise that the person teaching you is something special.  

Now around 2000 the World Kobudo went through a change in UK , break away clubs formed and by 2001/2002  Richard Morris concentrated on his own organisation Juijitsu International . 

Shortly after this Soke  Morris  did become quite ill and this of course affected the clubs. But Soke did bounce back and returned to the mat and continued to teach, do Grading's  and travel offering his knowledge to clubs worldwide which where affiliated to Juijitsu International.  

For me it was a privilege to have been taught by Soke Richard Morris , he brought his knowledge to the world and his legacy lives on in everyone who trained under him.

We where deeply saddened to hear of his passing in 2019 and dedicate this page to him.

Hanshi /  Soke Richard Morris  - Domo Arigato 

Sertes Nake 
February 2020

Soke Morris is also credited as  one of the trainers of KickBoxer star and Martial Artist Alain Moussi along with John Therien , John -Yves Theriault and Carlos Machado.

Alain Moussi Holds a 6th Dan in Jujutsu 

 And a 1st Dan in Brazilian Jujutsu

Source : Wikipedia

  • Soke Richard Morris in Latvia in 2012
    Soke Richard Morris in Latvia in 2012
Soke Richard Morris in Latvia in 2012
Soke Richard Morris in Latvia in 2012