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Yakuza Princess

I don't know, but I'm sure there was another film called Yakuza Princess or something to that effect.

But here we have, wait for it!, a Brazilian Film which in turn is based on a Brazilian Comic Book.

So what's strange about this is the film is shot in English and Japanese and is set in the largest Japanese community outside of Asia in Sao Paolo.

Who would have thought that Brazil would have such a large Japanese community, that's what surprised me about this film the most.

It's basically a revenge film and the story is mediocre. But that's not to say it's not a good film.

Masumi Plays Akemi, the orphaned daughter of a Yakuza crime boss, she now lives in Brazil with her Grandfather and has done since an early age.

After a small intro from the past, the film skips to the present day where Akemi is about to approach her 21st birthday.

Akemi is your average young girl of Japanese heritage living in a foreign land. Though she is connected to her culture, she knows not of her parent's past, she has been raised by friends of the family and even practices Kendo under a close family friend and Sensei.

Now the film is a bit vague in places, because the other star of this film, Jonathon Rys Meyers plays Shiro, yes a Gajin with a Japanese name. Obviously being based on a comic I guess anything goes.

Shiro wakes up in Hospital and has been badly injured with a sword or knives, the Police interview him to find out what went down, but miraculously the man has lost his memory.

After Police show him the Sword in the hospital he creates a diversion to escape so he can find out what has happened.

The film comes to a head when Akemi while celebrating her Birthday gets harassed by some local thugs and Shiro traces the Sword back to her Apartment.

It's here that Akemi will encounter more violence in ten minutes than she has seen her whole life, or so she thinks.

What makes matters worse is a Yakuza Luitenant from Japan who has been searching for Akemi has landed in Brazil and is on his way to see Akemi.

In a way, the film is as much about the Sword as it is about Akemi. The Sword is what the Japanese call a Murmusa Sword, a Demon blade used for killing and one that has killed many.

Akemi believes the Sword is her Grandfathers but was it?

There's no doubt at the beginning of the film I was ohhh! What's going on, especially with Shiro's character whose vocabulary is vague, to say the least. People within the story ask the Shiro character questions and his lines are so vague, like a riddle without being a riddle.

What is evident early on is that Shiro is a Killer and a cold one at that.

The film's scenes are moody and the cinematography is pretty good. Action wise it's hit and miss with quite a lot of fast cuts in places. But there is something there in the action stakes that will keep you watching.

The Brazilian choreographer seems to have some idea, but as far as Swordplay is concerned they did not capture the way of the Samurai like others would have, mainly due to not many long shots.

Will Yakuza Princess blow your mind? In one word, NO, but it does offer an intriguing take on a simple story.

I enjoyed my time with it and if I had bought it for a fiver on DVD or so I would have been pleased.

Any more and I may have been a bit let down.

But seeing as this is currently on Amazon Prime Video and included with the subscription it's worth a watch as that Friday night film with Pizza Beer or even Sushi and a bottle of Saki.

Some reviewers have been harsh on the film I have noticed when it's a fun ride for what it is. Sometimes I wonder what people are expecting from these types of films, I went in expecting a B-movie fight flick and that's what I got, disappointed I was not.

But here at Kickemintheghoulies, we say it like it is, it's no Seven Samurai or Ken Takakura classic.

Yakuza Princess is what it is, Young Japanese Girl learns of her past, and goes on a vengeful ride with a Demon Sword.

What else do you want.?

Review Date: 17-02-2022

Review By: Sertes Nake



Singer/Songwriter / Actress

Masumi is a singer songwriter who came to fame after getting a hit in the USA, though she was previously offered a contract in Japan which she turned down.  Fluent in both Japanese and English she has spent her life between the USA and Japan. 
Of note in the Film Yakuza Princess, Masumi is credited as doing her own stunts. 


Director : Vicente Amorim

Writer : Fernando Toste / Kimi Lee

Producer :Tubaldini Shelling / Andre Skaf

Starring : Masumi / Joonathon Rhys Meyers / Tsuyoshi Ihara

Year : 2021

Country : BRAZIL

Language : English / Japanese

Distributor : XYZ Films

Based on the  graphic novel Samurai Shito   by Danilo Beyruth